Families of the RCMP for PTSD Awareness Vision

We are driven by RCMP spouses, active and retired RCMP Members who are all PTSD survivors, with the primary commitment to ensure that the voice of RCMP Members, their families and caregivers are heard on issues relating to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Occupational Stress Injuries (OSI). We provide moral and emotional support to the Members of the RCMP and their families suffering from PTSD or other mental illnesses, through peer support, awareness and advocacy. We are committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to improve the engagement of the mental health of RCMP Members and their families within the RCMP.

“Together We are Stronger”

Taking Charge

3 Keys to Trauma Survival in the Workplace
By The Cpl. Ken Barker Fund for PTSD Awareness &
The Families of the RCMP for PTSD Awareness


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We have private Facebook pages “Spouses Of the RCMP for PTSD Support” ¬†&

“Members of the RCMP for PTSD Support”

Both require authorization to join, so please message the Families page for information

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One thought on “Home

  1. Ptsd
    The dreams, loyalty, heart of a member
    It is insideous
    Enormous costs
    Families no longer
    Sometimes the pain is too great
    Life is in question
    For what?

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