Why We Raise PTSD Awareness

Well, woke up. Took steps. I’m tired of being messed up. A good friend, former Sgt. With Calgary PD, suggested I call a gentleman at the Legion Head Quarters…..he too dealt and deals with this so unfair PTSD. I was told I was serious with it 2004/2005 Did go to head doctors but did not trust them. I did not accept this, tried different work, fucked up a 32 year marriage. This page you wonderful Ladies have helped lots, I may not respond, but I do absorb, the comments. Well, will be enrolled at the OSI Clinic, Calgary. Get my shit together. So tired of the stupid reoccurring dreams. You have helped me out and just sending a note of appreciation. Pete Brunelle.

Wow Pete, Thank you for letting us know we have made a difference in someone’s life. We are humbled we were able to help in any way. We wish you all the best and while we know it isn’t a quick or simple thing to get well we will be here to support your recovery in any way we can. Thank you for speaking up and being part of breaking the silence. LoriPete's Acknowledgement


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