Momentum is a hard thing to stop

I am so humbled to see my courage to speak out is causing ripple effects and others are now finding their voices. I have written as a form of therapy for myself and I have shared it with other in the hopes to build awareness. I am personally overwhelmed by the responses we are receiving and feel more and more change is in our future. Here is another post sent in by a follower. Together we can break the silence and end the stigma of PTSD.

Is a terrible disorder that is prevalent in Military and Emergency services personnel the world over. Sadly it is often misdiagnosed and mistreated. However it is Treatable! I have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for a number of years and it has taken its toll on me and my family both professionally and personally. To my family and friends that I have withdrawn from… I’m sorry.
I am not posting this to garner a host of sympathy, but rather to increase Awareness and to encourage others to open up and speak to their loved ones and friends about their PTSD. Because without their support it’s an even bigger mountain to climb. It has taken me a long time to admit to myself that I have PTSD and being able to speak about it publicly is a huge step. I used to think it made me weak…but with the help of loved ones and a great therapist, I have come to learn that no one is exempt…and it is a normal reaction to abnormal things. People often ask what some of the coolest stories I have from policing are…after 13 years on the job the “cool” stories all seem to fade into memory and meld into one. It’s the broken families…the 5 yr old boy I escorted home because his mum didn’t pick him up from school, only to find that she had hung herself near the front door. Or the mangled twisted bodies of adults and children at car accidents, the sexual abuse etc…These are the memories that stay with you long after the “cool” shit fades. But what has hurt the most is the internal betrayals in the force and the erosion of the thin blue line. It has gone from a brotherhood of men and women who supported each other through one crisis to the next…to people preying on each other to get the next promotion.

PTSD is prevalent in emergency services and military personnel but can happen to ANYONE in any walk of life. A traumatic experience/s that have such a profound effect on a person and change them.
I want to thank my family and friends…but most of all my love of my life. She has been my rock through this difficult journey and has steered my ship in the right direction when I have been off course. And to my two wonderful children you will never know how much having you in my life helped me keep things in perspective and understand what is truly important in life. And to Gabe my faithful and loyal companion who is happy to see me no matter what…and the rest of my family and friends, I say thank you!
I know this post was long winded but I hope that by reading this it will give others who have PTSD or have loved ones who are suffering from it some hope that they are not alone.




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