Holiday Greeting

With the holiday season upon us and as the year is coming to an end, many of us take time to reflect. For some it has been a difficult year because of loved ones and families who continue to suffer from invisible injuries. However, we would like to take time to celebrate the progress we have made as a group. We continue to advance our cause of bringing more awareness to PTSD and provide needed support for those who often suffer in silence. In sharing our journeys we have made great strides here, breaking this silence and isolation.  By doing so we have been able to connect on the emotional level and have helped others know they are not alone and possibly prevent others from going down the path some of us have had to travel. There is a tremendous amount of experience within all of us and our wish is for you to continue sharing your journey with others and by doing so we will continue break the silence and isolation.

People suffering from PTSD have described the condition as life on a roller coaster in the dark. You are never sure where you are going or if it is going to end. We believe with continued education about PTSD and the early signs and symptoms, we can help change attitudes, bring some light and hope into the dark world of PTSD.

As our family here continues to grow, we will continue to work together and with the organization to educate each other, to build resilience to trauma and support each other in healing.

We wish you and yours a Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year.

Lori, Jag, David, Tim & Mike


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