A careless comment overheard in the bull pen

To the Member who left this comment on the page yesterday. “I have been fighting PTSD and major depression for over a year, caused by a on duty trauma. I’m trying so hard to get back to work and am on GRTW. A careless comment overheard in the bull pen nearly sent me over the edge, “did you hear who is back?….crazy people have no business here…she should just eat her gun and be done with it… open up that position for someone who can do the job”. To be fair they didn’t know I was listening, but they also didn’t know how many times I have had the exact same thoughts. This is the ignorance we have to change.”
The attitude of the street tough members is so full of scorn and bravado, until they as well trip and fall.
No one dared comment to my face when I was ODS but at a Christmas party a few lads with less than four years of service were chucking around the term “burn out” and “can’t hack anymore”. My wife walked over and asked them if they would like to go a round in the yard with the “burn out”. No one wanted to because of my size and reputation as going a little crazy in physical takedowns. She then told them that her “burn out” had seen more and done more years of policing than they had years on the planet. I love my protector wife, she will take your head off and smile as she does it.
So where do the members learn this attitude and culture of hatred towards the fallen, depot, field training, the detachment, NCO’s, or the way the force treats us? I say all of the above. So glad this page will change attitudes and save lives.
We are here for you Member, we hear and feel your pain.
David J Hale


One thought on “A careless comment overheard in the bull pen

  1. Sounds familiar, unfortunately! I’ve been suffereing PTSD, anxiety and depression for some time now. I’ve only been a Mountie for 11 years however have seen so much in such a short time. Just last month, I had 2 other members comment, “who wants to work with someone with a mental illness and are taking brain altering medications?” Well, let me tell you, althought I’ve been suffering quietly, this struck a nerve, I confronted them and said “your working with me, aren’t you?” and left it at that. You could have heard a pen drop. They were speechless! The culture has to change. Never did I think I would suffer from a mental illness however your brain can only handle so much trauma. It affects everybody differently.

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