We get it, we know it, and we have lived it!

Sadly many of us are human and reached our limits, we then go for help or show signs of PTSD effects. Yet many of us are then further traumatized and injured further psychologically by a lack of awareness and support in the workplace. This lack of awareness, support, the fear and lack of empathy and the ostracization is all part of what we are trying to bring awareness to here. You were injured in the line of duty, your injuries were compounded by the procedures and policies in place. We know with treatment and therapy you will eventually heal, but to do this you cannot continue working in a trigger rich environment. It is not conducive to the healing process to be surrounded by people who are not educated or have no awareness of OSI injuries. I was in therapy for three years while still working and all I was doing was treading water until finally it all fell apart. I then went off ODS for 23 months and I medically retired with 36 years combined police service. If, in the beginning, I had just taken six months or a year off to heal and recover then maybe I would have retired as a working member? Here is one truth, the force is not your life, your life is yours and if you continue allow more damage to your life then you will never attain remission. You are not damaged, you are injured and injuries have to heal. You are not alone and here you are heard and understood. We get it, we know it, and we have lived it!
David J Hale


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