“ The Call ”

“ The Call ”

By Cynthia Hamilton Urquhart
(Retired RCMP member)

The call came in, I filled with dread
Who would be the next one dead?
A child, a man, the dog next door
Cause someone needed to settle a score

I travelled along with urgent speed
My mind racing, what were my needs?
An ambulance, a coroner, a tow truck
or just plain dumb luck.

The dispatcher said the news is bad
A child is screaming, she’s lost her Dad
She’s all alone, just 12 years old
She says his skin is growing cold

On No, my God, not again
It’s death, it’s dying
It’s my “ best friend ”

He comes, he visits, he sits, he stays,
I try to lose him, day after day
But somehow, he finds the mess I’m in
Sits and watches, with his steely grin

I arrive at the scene, my tears held back
No time for emotion, I have to act

“ Where is she, where are they? ”
I ask the crowd
“ At the back of the farm! ”
They yell too loud

I walk, I run, I look for the girl
“ What is she doing? ”
My minds in a whirl
The field is wide, the air is hot
I hear a sound, I find the spot

“ I tried to save him ” she cries in pain
“ It doesn’t matter, it was in vain ”

And then I saw him, a strong built man
signs of strength, from working his land

His hopes, his dreams, no longer real
His friend, his buddy, got behind the wheel

A back dirt road, a truck, some beer
Havin a good time, havin no fear

The sun, it’s hot, a little more speed
it won’t matter, it’s somethin he needs

A turn, a twist, the farmer’s field
Oh, did I tell you, he forgot to yield

He missed the turn, it was too late
The key, the lock
It opened Hell’s gate

He heard the sound, he felt the thud
Had he just killed, his friend, his bud

He’s standing there, his face is grim
He sees the girl, it’s sinking in

What was, and is and was to be
Is gone forever, no future to see

Back to my job, my role, my world
I want to hold that little girl

I want to yell and scream and shout
I want the time to let it out

Too much to do, too much to say
That emotional stuff, just gets in the way

I’ve got to do something, I can’t let it be
I can’t just stand here, that could have been me

I’ve got to save him, I start CPR
We’re an hour from hospital, way too far

I’ll have to make due, do the best that I can
I have to save this family man

I try and I try, I don’t want to fail
I try once again, to no avail

I stop my task, I stand up high
The little girl, continues to cry

She cries and she sobs and screams, then breaks
Her world is gone, that’s all it takes

I walk to her, I hold her tight
I tell her it will be alright
My tear slips out, then two then three
The grief engulfs the whole of me

But I am strong, no time for pain
For after all, what’s there to gain
It does no good to feel it hurt
I just have time to do my work

Call for back up, call for more
That damn “ best friend ”, made another score

I have to go to another call
A man’s been shot outside a hall

The lights, the sirens, on my way
Just another, policeman’s day


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