“Therapy ”

“Therapy ”

By Cynthia Hamilton Urquhart
(Retired RCMP member)

My therapist, she’s tall and slim
She sits me down, she makes me grin

“ It is so good to have you here
Be relaxed, feel no fear

I need for you to trust in me
For this to work, Do you see?

Hurt and anger, sadness, fear
The scary things, you won’t go near

All your memories, all your tears
You let them out and keep them here

You put them in a little box
You lock it down, until we knock

We knock, and make them come outside
From them, you will no longer hide

I want to see you every week
Please let me in, to take a peek

You have given, oh, so much
For love of county, home and such

It is the time to care for you
Your job, your home, your family too!

So please consider me your friend
I’ll stay with you until the end

We’ll hunt and dig and dig some more
You’ll ask, ‘ What’s all this hard work for?

We work together, we’re a team
An endless road, at times it seems

The journey may be long and rough
At times it’s bad, it’s really tough

But then one day, you’ll see the light
The pain is gone, it seems alright “

I thought that this could never be
For I am tough, and strong, you see

“ There’s hope, there’s joy, there’s goodness too
It’s back again, it’s part of you ”

Then she released inside of me
something that I couldn’t see

A block, a wall, a piece of stone
It kept me stuck, and all alone

I felt the joy, the hope, her care
I felt it with me everywhere

The words they came, the feelings too
She started something, so I knew

I knew, that I was on my way
To a new life, with peaceful days

Her last words, I hold them dear
They took away my greatest fears

“ You’ll leave this place, your second home
But you’ll no longer be alone

Your final journey has begun
Life starts again, life can be fun. ”





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