“ The Group ”

“ The Group ”

by Cynthia Hamilton Urquhart
(Retired RCMP member)

In the room we carefully walk
Silence is there, no one will talk

We sit in our chairs and watch and stare
Who are these women, we all compare

Who are these people, what brings them here
Are they like me, all filled with fear

They look so strong, so bold, so fierce
Did something happen, have their souls been pierced

The group starts up, the counsellors strong
They both know, that every-things wrong

They both get, our shields are up
We’re sitting strong, we’re acting tough

And then we talk protected words
Soft and gentle, barely heard

For if we bare our damaged souls
The gig is up, our story’s told

It means we can no longer hide
The pain we bare, the tears we’ve cried

That first day was the hardest one
Thank God it’s over, thank God it’s done

And then week two arrives so quick
I am surprised, looking forward to it

For could it be there’s something there
Could these women have something to share

Is it time to open up
To bare our souls, not act so tough

Could we let a few things out
A whisper, a word and then a shout

Could there be a common thread
A similar history, therefore nothing to dread

The female policeman strong and true
That God forbid, has come unglued

Could it be that opening up
Is possibly, maybe, not so rough

When sharing with the others who
Have lived a similar world as you

There are so many roles to play
In any given, busy day

Wife and Mom, protector too
There are too many tasks to do

Enforcer, healer, referee
Teacher, friend and devotee

Week three and four and five and six
The bond is strong, and what a mix

Each one of us brings our own view
Eight special hearts with souls askew

The group it changes every week
More topics rise, each one unique

Unique to each and every soul
That carries with them, stories untold

We watch, we listen with utmost care
We’re opening up and willing to share

We know there is a common bond
It helps us heal and makes us strong

Strong in knowing we’re not alone
We sit together, we’ve formed a home

A place that’s safe for us to talk,
Or sit and be, or just to watch

New friends I’ve found, with hope and care
They’ve made this journey much easier to bare

The counsellors play a big part too
With support and guidance they’ve pushed us through

They sit and listen, they teach, they care
They are the reason we’re all still there

The tasks they give, we groan, we smile
The joy we feel, it’s been a while

This group they formed, this group they built
Piece by piece, just like a quilt

A quilt that takes much time to sew
With careful thought, and row by row

Each square, each colour, it makes a patch
Represents a soul, they know will last

They are the thread that keeps us strong
Stitch by stitch, they bring us along

We’ve reached a place that’s not so bad
Sometimes we’re happy, not always sad

We’ve learned to cope, we’ve learned to share
We’ve learned that others really care

The Group, it’s sessions, are almost done
I’m sad, I’m scared, the day has come

But way down deep inside of me
I know that something’s been set free

The Group, my friends, my sisters too
Have pushed me forward to start anew


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