Mounties on medical, stress leave fear new dismissal process

Whipple, who suffers from post-traumatic stress over the infamous shooting in Mayerthorpe, Alta. — in which four colleagues were killed — is protesting his release from the police force for medical reasons.

He is the second Mountie grappling with emotional fallout from the 2005 event that the RCMP has moved to medically discharge — a process Whipple alleges was done behind his back in violation of force rules.

Whipple was among the first on the horrific Mayerthorpe shooting scene. But he says his difficulties began later due to lack of understanding and proper care from his employer as he tried to come to terms with the tragedy.

“My hurt, pain, is from what they did after the incident — not the incident,” he said in an interview.
In 2009, Whipple sued the RCMP. Three years later the force discharged him on medical grounds, which he grieved, alleging lack of due process including denial of access to files he needed to argue his case.

“They just don’t take responsibility,” he said. “They don’t look after their people.”

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2 thoughts on “Mounties on medical, stress leave fear new dismissal process

  1. There must be something that can be done to reverse the gov’t decision to stop helping and possibly (most likely)start firing Mounties with PTSD, because of the cost. Officers don’t expect or ask to be stricken with PTSD. The cost to officers and there families can’t be measured in dollars. They put there lives on the line every day they donn there uniform. The gov’t supports and houses criminals at billions of dollars a year, why is it so hard to pay for REAL advocates, officers can trust to talk to any time they feel. The time to tell officers of all stripes “To suck it up” is years gone by. There is so much proof that these dedicated men and women NEED to speak out openly without repercussions, yet in the 21st century they can’t and now they risk losing there disability pensions. Perhaps the Gov’t feels more suicides is a cheaper way out. SAD in a supposedly Democratic Free World.

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