Will there be action taken on Mental Health within the RCMP?

Message from the Commanding Officer:
BC’s Commitment to the RCMP Mental Health in the Workplace Strategy

Today the Commissioner announced the launch of the RCMP Mental Health Strategy. It is an important step forward for our members, our employees, and the organization as a whole. The Commissioner referenced the appointment of A/Commr. Gilles Moreau as the National Champion and indicated in his message that Divisional Champions would be named to support this important national initiative. Putting a focus on mental health is of the highest priority for me and I will be the “E” Division Champion as we move forward. As your Divisional Champion, I will, in the very near term, develop an “E” Division Mental Health Action Plan to support our

National Strategy by:
• Identifying specific activities in support of education and prevention
• Building upon existing programs and services – especially in areas of early detection and intervention
• Determining areas or gaps that need to be addressed in order to deal with employee perceptions and realities
• Ensuring sustainability of our Mental Health Program

I know any plan we create will take commitment and time; however, this is of the utmost importance and I plan to make sure any plan we develop is relevant. In the months ahead, I will be seeking input from the various programs, units and individuals who currently provide mental health support to employees. I will also be identifying others throughout the division who will join me in advancing this important initiative.

I encourage you to visit the mental health page on the Infoweb (http://infoweb.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/hr-rh/health-sante/ment/index-eng.htm) which highlights the strategy and promotes the services we currently have available. Also, please watch the video which highlights the courageous story of one former BC member, Cst. Peter Neily, and his journey dealing with an operational stress injury.

This first week of May is Canadian Mental Health Week and North American Occupational Health and Safety Week, both of which foster awareness of health issues. We will be hosting an information kiosk at EHQ near the cafeteria on Tuesday, May 6th. From 11:00 am – 1:00 pm to showcase many of the programs and services available to our members and employees.

It has been said by Statistics Canada’s Mental Health Working group that working on healthy habits to maintain or improve your mental health is an investment in yourself. I support that investment and I am committed to creating more awareness of the services available to you and working with you to remove any stigmas surrounding Mental Health issues.

I want to assure you that as your Commanding Officer and your Divisional Champion, it is my intention that no one in our Division feels they need to suffer in silence due to a lack of awareness. Health and wellness is a shared responsibility. We need to keep talking about the causes, risks and symptoms of mental health and shine a light on the long-term effects. We are in this together and we need to focus and support one another.

Craig J. Callens, Deputy Commissioner
Commanding Officer, “E” Davison


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