My request to fellow police officers and their families

It has been one of the roughest days of my service in the RCMP, believe me that I am not alone. We as Peace Officers, active and retired have witnessed and dealt with some truly horrendous incidents and tragedies. We are expected to maintain our composure and be strong. Even though we experience the same emotions as the general public, we have to bury our emotions and carry on. Eventually it takes a toll on us and our families.

The senseless violence that led to the loss of the brave souls yesterday of members of our family is a tremendous tragedy. Earlier this morning I told my wife that I could not face going to work today, but when I awoke, I thought about the suffering of the families of the deceased and knew that I had to show up and support my brothers and sisters. So I did, I work at the Ottawa HQ, I have not seen or felt the level of emotions and sadness that I experienced today, tremendous compassion from police officers, civilian members and public servants alike.

My request to fellow police officers and their families is; please support each other through these very difficult times. Please ensure your compassion and support is available not only for those with visible wounds or directly affected by this tragedy. Make yourself available and open to those suffering pain in a multitude of ways as well. For some this may have opened wounds of past tragedies not healed and they as will deserves our support and time.

To the public we serve; thank you so much for your support through these very difficult times, we need your support to get us through.

Jag Soin on behalf of the Families of the RCMP for PTSD Awareness team.


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