I will forever be reminded of my fallen brothers.

I will forever be reminded of my fallen brothers.

Dave who loved life and God and his newly started family with a toddler at home and another child on the way, Dave was an avid bow hunter and woodsman a quiet gentle man. Dave spent months raising RCMP puppies in the program prior to becoming a dog handler and being stationed back to Codiac to replace his mentor Peter who had just retired.

Big tall lanky Doug who was well read and quietly intelligent but always with a smile as he moved about with a happy bouncy grace often eliciting laughter at his own expense yet grinning knowingly. Doug was devoted to his wife and children he loved to compare the merits of his tour trail bike to my Harley cruiser and loved to laugh at the silly things that humans do.

Svelte handsome Fabrice who was a certified dive instructor who lived all over the world teaching diving to tourists at resorts. Quite a life before settling down in his late thirties and becoming a member. I can still see the smile on his face when he brought me to see his newly acquired Harley Davidson Nightster. The bike was all in black and he looked so wicked driving it around as he was a lean rugged man. Yes women found him pleasing to the eye and men liked his confident manner and strength of character.

How can I ever forget such men, men whose character and qualities I will see reflected in so many other men and women who wear our uniform. Despite coming from such diverse backgrounds and possessing such distinctive personal attributes they all three shared the common traits all members have. Integrity, duty, compassion and dedication to making this world a better place.

Well my lads this world is a better place because of all you have done and all the people you have touched. It is a sadder place in our world, the police family world. Because of your being taken from us. Yet I know I will see you three again, here and there, reflected in the faces or movement or actions of other members. So I will remember and honour your memory by refusing to allow hate into my heart and to include you three in my heart so long as I live. June 04 is my wedding anniversary and on that day of joy there will always be thoughts of you and I will never forget you.

David J Hale


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