Behind every badge is a family

The Moncton tragedy has affected every RCMP member and every RCMP member’s family. It has deeply wounded those who have lost loved ones or fellow members they knew and worked with, those who responded to the scene or felt helpless because they couldn’t. It has affected those who are retired or off duty sick and all of their families. It has opened wounds of those who have been involved in past tragedies that didn’t get the support and help needed to heal and still carry these wounds with them to this day. Some are feeling these effects today but others will not for maybe weeks or months.  In the past consistent care and support for mental injuries has not been provided, acknowledged, or forthcoming by the RCMP organization. We are here to bring awareness to this and to advocate for change for the membership and their families.

The RCMP members and Families need to be ensured that everyone affected will receive the care and support they require both physically, operationally and mentally to heal in the immediate days and in the future by the RCMP organization. They will need to have systems and procedures in place to ensure no family will go unsupported while dealing with the Moncton tragedy and its ripple effects yet to come in the future. TODAY IS THE DAY TO BEGIN TO APPROACH TRAUMA AND TRAGEDY PROPERLY AND COMPASSIONATELY.

Families of the RCMP for PTSD Awareness


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