Another Battle lost to PTSD

We write this note with a heavy heart, we lost another one of our retired RCMP members, who took his life after losing his battle with PTSD. From what we know this member was deeply affected by the tragedy in Moncton and the funerals of those brave souls.

We are a strong and close policing family, anytime we lose one of our own, it eats away at our hearts. These are the times we need to reach out to each other and to members who are retired and are having a tough time coping. We at the Families of the RCMP for PTSD Awareness plea to you to reach out to those who are struggling both members and their families, retired or active, civilian or regular and direct them to the resources that are available to them to pull them out of this abyss.

Those of us who are in daily contact with active and retired members have noticed a very disturbing trend relating to the number of active and retired members suffering from PTSD who have taken or attempted to take their lives. Please look after each other.

Some of the available resources available to active and retired members can be found in the resources and support section of our website.



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