Take steps to replace the stigma and ignorance around PTSD with Compassion and Understanding

It was interesting for me to learn through my husband’s and my PTSD journey, his traumatic event was not the sole cause of his PTSD by itself. Often it is triggered by the ensuing “politics” that come in the period of time after the diagnosis. Looking back, this really feels true. My husband’s PTSD was partly caused by being run over while on duty but what was more insulting and damaging was he was pushed to return to work early, threatened to be dismissed if he didn’t. His coworkers’ holidays were put in jeopardy because of his “selfish” time off after being run over!!
As time has passed, it is being compounded by the people that refuse to accept his diagnosis, downplay it’s seriousness, question whether or not the diagnosis is even real, push his buttons at times when he is most vulnerable etc etc etc. It’s sooooo frustrating!
This is called Re-traumatization. Re-traumatization happens when the person is blamed, shamed and isolated by the very people they believed and trusted to support them and this can be more damaging than the original trauma itself. Part of this comes from the workplace but part of it also comes from our social circle of friends and family!
That is why I am pushing so hard to get some public recognition for the presence of PTSD, that’s why I share as much as I can about our journey. Almost everyone knows or is in a relationship with SOMEONE who has PTSD. It is vital to educate and share to take steps to replace the stigma and ignorance around PTSD with Compassion and Understanding.
Susan Burrell Bourque


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