Written in thoughts of RCMP Cpl. Ken Barker who lost his battle with PTSD

Have you looked upon the sheen that shines

In the early morning sun

Felt the cool of an evening past

Walked in the dew that now surrounds

The leaves they glisten


With an early morning breeze

And life feels right within a world

So near and close to thee

And then in a fractured moment

All the beauty that surrounds

Is left behind and horror reeks

Havoc all around

A young lad traveling on a bus

Is attacked in so profound

A way that leaves a scar within

A young heart who stood and found

He had to do a job that day

He could not turn away

For that it stole his innocence even though so very brave

How could anyone prepare for what

Was found, was seen, that day

On a bus of weary travelers

As they went along their way

Oh lord our officer saw and dealt

With what no one should be tasked

Leaving an imprint on a mind to dwell

Into his future from his past

Too often we take for granted

The daily jobs of those

Who step to the plate

To keep us safe

As along our daily lives we go

RCMP Corporal Ken Barker

Our nation let you down

We were not there

To provide the help

Needed so much for you

Please know we are so grateful

For your efforts to protect

Those you swore a duty too

On Canada’s behalf


Cpl. Ken Barker

Thank You

May You R.I.P

We Will Remember


By Roger Borchert

The Borchert Family, Morinville, Alberta


One thought on “Written in thoughts of RCMP Cpl. Ken Barker who lost his battle with PTSD

  1. I am so very pleased you found my poem Cpl. Barker and shared it. Canada needs to know we have let them down and their fellow officers need to know we are near at their sides to support.

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