Correctional Officers, PTSD can mean they trade one set of bars at work for a different kind of cell at home

Corrections PTSD
I love the information and message you send out every day. I understand that this is directed at RCMP, however you regularly add “Fires Responders” (Fire, EMS, etc). You never mention the “Forgotten Cops”….The federal Correctional Officers who end up dealing with the monsters that caused the problem for everybody else? As a 20 year Federal Correctional Officer, all in Maximum Security, suffering with “Severe PTSD” (according to 4 doctors who have evaluated me in the last 2 years), I can tell you, these men do NOT act any better in prison! We are overcrowding violent, mentally disturbed and sometimes uncontrollable men in understaffed, under equipped and outnumbered at least 40 or 50 to 1, and we are unarmed, had to take CSC to court to be allowed to wear handcuffs and pepper spray, and see attempted murder, suicide, vicious attacks, murders, riots, having human waste thrown at you, etc.
As a Correctional Officer, we are the Police inside, the Firefighters, the EMS, the Psychologist, and many other rolls.
Attacks against us are on the rise, and are much more violent than in the past.
Many of us suffer from PTSD, yet we are never thought about or mentioned…..We don’t have a fancy uniform, we are not allowed to do anything positive in the community (Unless it is on our own time with the warden’s permission), and we are never publicly recognized for heroic acts as CSC never wants to admit there is a problem or that lives were at risk….EVER!
Over 7000 Federal Correctional Officers walk the meanest streets in Canada every day, and nobody knows the toll it takes on us. It would be nice if perhaps you could give us a little mention once and awhile, we don’t have an established support system and we rely on sites like yours for guidance! I do my best to share as much information as I can with my fellow officers via Facebook, and they share, and so on…….It’s all we have and it’s the best we can do for now.
Thank you, and please keep up the good work, more people depend on sites like yours than you think!
Name withheld upon request


One thought on “Correctional Officers, PTSD can mean they trade one set of bars at work for a different kind of cell at home

  1. Well stated brother,
    As someone in your position for the same entity,I know what you are talking about.Although I am 14 years behind you in this feild I fully understand what you say.Being one of the more senior officers on our floor our job is getting tougher and more challenging every day.We need support from all aspects of the spectrum, something we deserve to make our quality of life better.I benifits the people who love us and makes our lives easier.
    My favorite saying is “we only get older in our carreer,they get younger,stronger,more dangerous and definately more wiser as the years go on.”
    To anyone reading this post,please share and pass it along.
    In Solidarity.

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