Wounded Warrior Weekend

“Wounded Warrior Weekend”

By Retired RCMP Corporal
Cynthia Hamilton Urquhart
August 2014

So many people, so many wounds
Each one has a different face
We carry scars words can’t describe
The memories won’t erase

Wounded Warrior Weekend
The dream of a special man
He understands the hurting
Wants to do all that he can

He’s gathered us all in one place
With hopes that we will find
Strength in numbers, peace of heart
And quiet for our minds

To smell the air, to feel the woods
To hear the birds sing songs
To catch a fish, to hit a ball
Helps us feel that we belong

We are all heroes so they say
A concept we can’t conceive
If only we could open up
and let ourselves believe

Blake’s kindness and compassion
Are wings he spreads out wide
To scoop up everyone of us
Leaving no one alone outside

He brings us right into his world
To let the healing start
He tells us we are heroes
It comes right straight from his heart

So many other helpers
That made his dream come true
Everyone works together
They are his superglue

They pick up all the pieces
They try to make it right
It opens up a window
Lets in a little light

Although it may not open
As wide as it could be
It lets us peek outside again
It lets us start to see

That we are only human
Just like those all around
And we can push straight forward
Just like this Slave Lake Town

They opened up their hearts to us
They listened, smiled and cried
They took away some hurt we had
Buried way down deep inside

So to all of you, I have to say
That thank you seems so small
But know that you have changed some lives
The best ever, gift, of all


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