There is a current, massive outbreak.

Individuals infected may show no outward physical signs.

It is silent and insidious.

It infects males and females, all ethnicities, ages, rank, income levels, the bravest and strongest among us.

Infection can be greatly decreased by education, awareness, early detection and intervention.

Undetected, it can leave long lasting, devastating effects on the individual and their family.

Understanding what is happening to you after infection is almost an impossible feat because this disease affects your brain and cognitive function.

The numbers of infected are growing.

Why are you not aware of this outbreak?

Why is there no huge public awareness campaign or national awareness program?

Because this Outbreak is called PTSD.

There is stigma attached to those who suffer from PTSD and they can be thought of as weak, at fault or just plain faking it.

They are not trained to recognize its symptoms or what pre-emptive actions to take after exposure.

They change into a stranger in front of their loved ones, they become lifeless, robotic, and hostile people.

Most suffer in silence

If they are lucky and the symptoms are recognized, with a supportive family advocating for them and health care professionals, they can get the help they need to recover.

If they do not get care, it can manifest itself into destructive, sometimes deadly behavior.

With proper training and support PTSD effects can be minimized and or prevented.

What will it take to take action and unite behind this Outbreak?

What will it take for us to stand up and demand action and responsibility of our organizations and their leaders for change to occur?

We call for an end to the spread of PTSD and its silent sufferers.

Families of the RCMP for PTSD Awareness


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