Deanna “Faces of PTSD”




It is no secret any longer that I have suffered with PTSD since 2008, maybe longer, but that is when I was diagnosed. I would like people to know that PTSD can be a combination of events AND/OR a one time tragic event, either way it could be deadly.

First responders are more at risk for PTSD,
however, ANYONE can develop PTSD.

In fact, I worked on a case of a missing young man who was a brilliant young hockey player that was likely destin to a great future…..that was, until he unexpectedly took his own life. After finding his body near his parent’s home, I learned that approximately 1 year previous to his baffling suicide, he came across a horrific accident and tried to help the victims. After this tragic event, things started to drastically change. He began drinking, has first issues with the law, became withdrawn, didn’t care about hockey anymore…… his poor parents didn’t understand why he had changed so much and why he took his own life.

I whole heartedly believe that this wonderful, talented young man, even though he wasn’t diagnosed, suffered from PTSD…….. I wish there was MORE AWARENESS and recognition, not just for first responders but for EVERYONE. IT COULD SAVE LIVES!!!!!!


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