Lois “Faces of PTSD”



Lois, I was a RCMP member who left the force in 2010 with a medical discharge due to PTSD. The stigma has to stop to allow members to continue working, they are truly capable to do their jobs. I unfortunately felt betrayed by some coworkers like I was under a microscope. I was asked by a supervisor what medication I was on, this person went home and researched the meds, came to work the next day, told me I should not be at work, should not drive a police car and I could go suicidal so they should take my gun. (this was after I was cleared to come back to work) I was very fortunate that I had not been suicidal at all during my illness. I was already on the back to work program and I was recovering very well, until that day! The ignorance of one coworker/supervisor sent me in another downward spiral.

I loved my job, I loved my coworkers, my life was my work! I miss it, but feel I can speak out and talk about PTSD and the effects it has on myself and my family. There are daily struggles, but now I can spend my days loving my 8 grandkids, which is the best therapy out there!!!


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