I am doing very well now and living a good retirement.

I have been following this site for a long time and found it very helpful. I will be leaving Facebook soon but before going I want to say a few things. In the past I have not been good at sharing but would like to before I leave.

Back in the 70s I served 10 years in the force and was involved in many fatalities and other gruesome difficult incidents. I had 18 fatalities in the last two years alone. I also dealt with internal bullying. I won’t go into details because it still brings up to much pain.

As you all know this causes a great strain on one’s life and family. It was not something you bring up to your friends or at work, now, let alone back then. I did go to my Staff Sargent and was told that if this was recorded it would end my carrier. I chose to leave the force but that was not the end of things.

I had highs and lows for the next 30 years. I went through hell and brought my family with me. I believed I had a mental disease. I came close to taking my life several times.

I was finally diagnosed with PTSD and with therapy and trying many medical treatments I found a solution. I am doing very well now and living a good retirement.

I was very lucky because my friends and family supported my through all of this and for that I am for ever grateful.

Reading your supportive comments and sharing your lives has made me very proud to be one of you. You are very brave people that have given much. I am no longer ashamed of what I have become but proud of what I have achieved. If I can make it, so can you. Please do not give up. Do not let the past grind you down.

I wish you all a healthy good life. Keep up the good work.

Good bye and God speed

Doug Gordon


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