We are not weak when we ask for help

We’ve lost another emergency services family member in Hamilton this week… Folks… A while ago I posted about my own personal battle with PTSD. As more and more first responder deaths are noticed, or published, it is now coming to the forefront of our society. These deaths represent not only emergency services but soldiers as well. I cannot stress enough how lucky I was to be properly diagnosed and treated. Again, some folks in each organization will support you if you do the same. Some may not. But remember, those who don’t support you are not worth your time and they are becoming few and far between. They will be rooted out and disposed of via the proper procedures. If you are in trouble, do something for yourself and make that call to get that help. As I said last time, I promise you if you call me to ask for help in getting help for yourself, nobody will ridicule or make fun of you without me being in their face immediately. And I do mean immediately! I will make sure you get that help so that you’re not next person that is unfortunately on the front page of the news. We have already lost too many brothers and sisters. We are not weak when we ask for help. If anything we are stronger for doing it, and stronger for joining into that battle to make ourselves healthy so we can carry on with our duties.
Don’t let anybody tell you any different.
Don’t back up.
Don’t back down.
Justin Smith


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