Concern for RCMP during Tisdale tragedy

You are individuals who have chosen to follow your calling and do the (most thankless) job that few of us could handle for single day.

As you walk through the challenges of coping with this close to home and very disturbing crime, as well as all the other evil and depraved things you have witnessed during your career, it is my prayer that you find the strength to show your “weakness”, grief, shock, trauma, and coping defences- to those who can guide you and walk with you through it. That you will be able to see that there remains some good in the world, even though you tend to witness the bad side more than most of us. I pray that you will encouraged by your community who respects your position of authority while realizing that your uniforms and badges do not effectively act as armour or block out the human emotions and responses that inevitable during this difficult time. May you be encouraged by knowing that you are supported, thought of and prayed for. We are thankful for you.

With much gratitude, teary eyes, and many prayers,

Stephanie Getachew



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