Reflecting on the Moncton Tragedy

Today is going to be a very trying day for the serving and retired members of the RCMP & their families. Therefore We here at the Families of The RCMP for PTSD Awareness would like to reiterate the importance of support during these times, for yourselves and for other members and their families who need it the most.
So let us collectively pay tribute to our brave colleagues who made the ultimate sacrifice and say a prayer for their families to ease their continued suffering.
We will continue to advance our cause of bringing more awareness to PTSD and other Operational Stress Injuries. It is our hope that you will continue to share your stories and personal recovery experiences here, in hope of making others PTSD journeys a little easier and shorter.
We believe that as we continue to educate the members and their families about the early signs and symptoms of PTSD we can change the attitudes and shine some light and hope into the dark world of PTSD.

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