RIP Doug, I promise no crying in police cars

Cst Douglas James Larche is shown in an RCMP handout photo. Larche is one of three RCMP officers killed Wednesday in Moncton, N.B. THE CANADIAN PRESS/ho-RCMP

Cst Douglas James Larche 

I remember like it was yesterday, I was getting ready for my first shift as a Codiac auxiliary. I was nervous, palm sweating heavy breathing kind of nervous. As I got to Codiac and punched in the code about 5 times with no success someone opened the door for me (I’m sure they thought I was dressed up for Halloween) I made the walk to the briefing room and stood quietly in the doorway.. I felt so out of place. The Staff Sergeant asked if anyone would take the new auxiliary.. no one replied. I felt like I was being picked last for a sports team. Finally just as I was about to walk away feeling like I was so stupid to ever do this, a voice piped up and said with enthusiasm “I’ll take her!” I looked, up and there was Cst Doug Larche.

As we got in the car Doug could clearly see I was a little upset…when he asked me I just said I know what people say about me. I overhead people calling me Barbie cop and too much of a risk. As he could see my tearing up he simply said with a hint of humor “there is NO crying in this car” That instantly made me laugh, but what followed was what made me feel confident “come on, let’s go show them they’re wrong” I knew I would learn a lot from Doug and that he was a good man.

That night I got to see Doug’s passion for policing, when talking to complainants or stopping vehicles he was always so polite and professional, I knew this was the kind of policing I would want to do. Later that night we responded to a domestic and the man was throwing bottles down his balcony and onto the streets, I was about to get out when Doug stopped me.. “wait a second, you’re not getting out “he replied.. I asked why and he simply responded “because you’re not getting hurt on my watch”

That is looking out for each other, And Doug always watched out for me after that…he never made me feel like I was In the way, he respecting auxiliaries and for that I am so thankful.

RIP Doug, I promise no crying in police cars.

I wanted everyone to know,we all look out for each other.

Nadine Rachellle


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