Remembering Cpl. Ken Barker


Tami Brisson: I am proud to have called Ken my friend for over 28 years. Ken & Shari & my husband Paul & I were posted to Nanaimo, BC. Our children are the same age, and consider each other as family. We are deeply saddened by this devastating news. I hope and pray that Ken is at peace. We will meet again to laugh and maybe even sit on the beach dreaming of Gondola Pizza. We love you Ken. We will continue to love and look after Shari, Kelly & Sam. RIP my dear friend.

Judi Watt: RIP my friend…I will miss you here on earth…and know your girl ‘Axa’ has been waiting for you over the rainbow bridge!! She’ll be showering you with tail wags and unconditional love forever now! You were a true friend with a beautiful soul through and through. Good-bye Ken.

Trisha Rosenbaum Brown: An angel among men and one of the kindest souls I ever knew.

RIP friend…. wish things were different. You made a difference.

Niki Partridge: It was a very sad day at HQ today. Ken, rest in peace. Always a friendly smile. Thoughts and prayers for your family and friends.

Don Romanik: I had the pleasure of working with Ken years ago in Nanaimo as well. Such a kind gentle man who always put others first. It was an honor to have known him as a friend & co-worker.

RIP Kenny B

Sheryl Armstrong: My thoughts and prayers go out to Kens family. I worked with him in the 90s in Nanaimo and he was an excellent police officer but more important he was dedicated to his mother and other family members. Every time I hear of another member going through this I am reminded we all need to help each other. Sometimes we do not even know we are struggling with PTSD and we need to ensure we support them through it once it is recognized. I hope other members suffering with this will reach out and know there is support.

Jacquie Genaille: Rest peacefully, Ken. It was an honour and a privilege to work with you. I’ll cherish the great memories. Thoughts, prayers and love to the families.

Stella Jane: Ken was a wonderful soul and a faithful servant. Just like his partners. Unconditional and trustworthy. We will remember him always from his Ethelbert posting. My heart goes out to you Shari and family from Aggie and family. We are also affected by PTSD in Paramedic and Fire services and need to continue to raise awareness in all our communities.

Diane Gagnon: So very, very sad. Ken, may you finally find peace. The world has lost a gem! Thoughts and prayers for your family and friends.

Barb Sherstone: One doesn’t remember everyone you worked with 25 years ago, only the special ones. Ken was one of those. It was so nice to see you and Shari again in 2003 on Hecla Island of all places – it was a happy time. I’m so sorry there weren’t more of those. Most sincere condoleances to Shari and the rest of the family as you struggle to cope through this tragedy.

Tania Dawn: Kenny ‘At Peace’ in Churchill a few months before his passing.


Holly Cox : Tragic. So sad. We knew Ken personally as a teen and as a young Officer. This is a horrific loss of a generous loving honest and admirable human being. Deepest sympathies and sincerest condolences to his family and friends. RIP Ken. You will be sadly missed. And … Thank You for your service. A great Officer …an amazing K9 Dog Handler. . So sad

Suzanne Joynt-Kirkup: Rest in Peace Ken. It was an honour to have worked with you. My heart is breaking for you & your family.

Karen Joanne Krasicki:  I was so very honored to have known & worked with Ken. He was such a wonderful person and it is such a horrible loss to everyone who ever came into contact with Ken. God bless his family. May he find peace at last.

Eric Edmonds: I am totally shocked by this news. I worked with Ken and was a neighbour in Selkirk Manitoba. What a great man, friend and Member. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Thanks for your service Ken. RIP

Amanda Dodgson: From an E division pds family, we are so sorry for the loss of Ken. May his family feel our thoughts and prayers.

Dave Mitchell: RIP Ken. A top notch member and handler. A pleasure to have known and worked with Ken at the start of his career.

Gord Kowalchuk: I worked a couple of files with Ken and whenever he was on scene, I thought to myself, “Yes! we have part of the “A” Team here.” Godspeed Ken, God bless all of your family and your inner circle of friends who will miss you.

Rhonda Dickens: Ken you were everything a RCMP officer could be. You were a gentleman, your sensitivity, humour and professionalism.

Kim’n Gary Watt-Senner: As a retired RCMP officer with PTSD, I know how hard it is to get to ‘remission’. Some of us do not have tragedies like the one cpl ken witnessed…but have others in its place which are equally heartbreaking. My heart goes out to Ken’s family…to you Ken: I hope you enjoy your Angel’s wings…as you have earned them. To others with PTSD: keep reaching out. Remission doesn’t mean it’s gone. We just learn to walk beside it. RIP

Jim Burton: So tragic. As a retired RCMP officer with PTSD I can relate. My thoughts are with Ken’s family.

Mark A Wood: I never knew Ken, but know exactly what he felt. I am a retired officer from England having taken a short pension to move here after dealing with My own PTSD for 16 years. That was 5 years ago. There is hope but it is a struggle, I will always be afflicted by it , but i have learned to cope. Sharing is the best antidote, but hard to do. ANY officer who feels is suffering will ALWAYS be welcome to contact me, and i will do whatever i can to help, as one who has lives to tell the tale. My respect remains with all those that have or continue to serve. I am proud to have been a part of the international Police Family.

Karen Hiebert Mundey: RIP Kenny, may you have finally found peace. I never knew you but Simon did when you were a young man. Our deepest condolences to your family. No one will ever understand what our peace officers go through so that we can be safe. All the horrific things you see daily. Thank you for your service.

Ki Kruk: I worked with Ken in Nanaimo many years ago. I am very saddened to learn of his passing. RIP Ken. My condolences to his family.

Rae Banwarie : Those that had the honour and pleasure of working with Ken are deeply saddened by his passing and share in your grief. Ken was also a fighter. He fought the battle against Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as best he could and it is clear that the support he had from you and his extended family helped to bolster him in that struggle. You all played a key role in helping him get through each day. Unfortunately, as many of us know, PTSD is a tireless enemy and as hard as we fight, sometimes that enemy cruelly takes our loved ones from us. Our members will never forget the battle you and Ken fought and we admire your strength, courage and immense love for one another.

Sheila Cummer Thacker: So sad, thoughts and prayers for those left behind!

My love and thoughts are with his beautiful family, Shari, Sam and Kelly. Ken will be greatly missed, he was a wonderful person.

Trever Andrew: What they sacrifice for the public is more than we see or know. I am sorry to Corporal Baker and to his family.

Thank-you Corporal Baker for looking after our streets and keeping them safe and giving your life for us thank-you thank-you.

Sherry Wood: I worked for the RCMP for over 20 years and remember Ken very well from D Division. I can’t imagine what his family and friends are going through right now. This is so very sad. Ken was a very nice person and I am sure he will be very sadly missed. RIP. My condolences to his family and friends.

Randall McHugh: I had many discussions with Ken about PTSD, poor soul I have a heavy heart tonight…..

Janette Reinson: RIP Ken you were an awesome dog handler, my deepest sympathy to your family and coworkers.

Ben Fage: It was a pleasure working to you Ken. I know you will be missed. Rest easy

Allan Cash: Ken was a wonderful man and always had a smile on his face. So sad to see him go. He will be sadly missed. RIP Ken!

Annabelle Dionne:  RIP Cpl Barker… May your family and friends be blessed forever. May others hurt by PTSD find some hope, same little or just by remembering that the word exist for a reason, find the courage to just to let the storm be… One more day… One more breath… You are not alone. Please don’t give up!

Barclay Monias: I grew up with Ken and was his classmate for many years through my childhood. I am heart broken at this news. On behalf of the entire Harder family, my condolences to Ken’s family and Ken’s RCMP family.

Aaron Dumas: I grew up with Ken in Fort Garry and was his classmate for many, many years. On behalf of the entire Harder family, our deepest condolences to Ken’s family and the RCMP.

Jeff Rose-Martland: Corporal Ken Barker, thank you for your service to us all and for maintaining the right for Canada. May your next post be restful and the demands gentle.

To Corporal Barker’s family – thank you for sharing this fine individual with us. Canada grieves with you.

Carey Rattenbury: I will always have you in my heart uncle. You are a hero xoxoxo

Stan Gillespie: So sorry to hear this

The general public for the most part are not privy to what these guys go through and many are so fast to condemn

I say walk a mile in their shoes!!!!!

So sorry to all the family and members

Coreena Brodersen Kornel: The willingness to be so open and honest with the details of Mr. Barker’s passing needs to be acknowledged. It is the only way to break down the stigmas not only of PTSD, but of suicide in general.

Shame keeps people silent and suffering in the dark… Yucky things grow in dark places. Silence only perpetuates the feelings of despair and hopelessness.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Mr. Barker, and I sincerely thank you for shining a light in this dark place.

Leah A Rissesco: My heart and prayers go out to this family. PTSD is one of the worst silent killers we have amongst our emergency responders. So sad for everyone involved.

Alan McLauchlan: So sad. This was totally preventable. WE NEED TO DO MORE!!! RIP

Marina Graham: Rest in peace Sir. Thank you for your service.

Jackie Campbell Pascoe: My sincere condolences to the family. Cpl. Ken Barker has my respect and gratitude for his service.

Stella Jane: For those who do not know what the acronym stands for- it is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Years ago it was referred to as ” shell shock” in the military. People who serve and their country and communities are at risk due to exposure to horrific traumatic experiences outside the typical human experience. Please be compassionate to one another as a tribute to those who have and do suffer. Hugs.

Shari Parkhill Charnock: Such a sad and tragic loss……my deepest sympathies to his family. Cpl Barker……may you now find the peace in your soul that so eluded you on this earth. Your dedication took you to dark places that most of us cannot even imagine. Thank you for your service.

Kay Denise Lewis: Oh my. My heart just aches for the family. There are no words to comfort them. Thank you for your service Ken It takes a very special person to become a member of the RCMP, Time to rest your thoughts now.

Julie Anne Feilberg: It is so terrible. I am so sad. This needs more recognition and the officers need MORE help.

THANKYOU Cpl. Ken. Barker for all your years of selfless duty. May you rest in Peace with The Lord.

Kim Thornicroft: Thank you Cpl Barker for everything you’ve done. Your efforts were appreciated. And thank you to your family also.

Ellen Bryden: I often think about the impact that certain parts of this job have on an officer and their family… How do they cope after being exposed to very gruesome and violent cases? Although there are so many positive outcomes, this is one sad and unfortunate reminder of the psychological impact on officers. God bless Corporal Barker and his family💕

Wendy Lee: I’m so sorry. The job is dangerous and stressful and often judged by outsiders. I am one Canadian who is genuinely thankful for the men and women who choose this road to help protect us all. My heart goes out to his family.

Carrie M McLeod: My biggest an deepest condolences, I suffer badly from PTSD and I can only imagine what this wonderful man tried to manage in his heart and soul. May he be at rest now.

Debbie Kynoch: My deepest condolences to his family – PTSD is so serious and affects so many – a silent killer – may all those affected reach out and may more resources be brought forward to those in need!!!

RIP Corporal Barker!!

Cameron Abrey: Extremely sad…my heart goes out to the family and to the friends and coworkers of Cpl. Barker. Rest in peace sir and thank you for your service!

Kelly Sommer: My condolences to Cpl Barker’s family both personal and professional. Please let there be no more after him. RIP Cpl. Barker

Clifford Gerow: My prayers to his family and colleagues. May he now find peace.

Diane L Urbanec: My mom taught me 60 years ago that when you hear a siren, you stop to pray for those needing help and those rushing to help.

Lesley Cass: My thoughts and prayers are extended to the Barker family and officers who worked with Cpl. Barker. My wish is that maybe today one officers will read the words of support from this and seek help. My second wish is that Cpl Barker has found peace. RIP and thank you for your service.

Susan-Wes Larnie: So sorry to hear this news. May he RIP.

Sandra Dowhan: This drives home the message that there has to be more awareness of the effects of PTSD, and much more support for those afflicted. The problem is being barely acknowledged at present …but I have hope that things will change in time.

Steve N Beverly: Ken Baker Rest in Peace my Northern brother. Prayers to the families both blood & blue. Sgt. Steve Baker, Diboll PD Tx.

Pat Slatter: As the widow of a police officer, I understand the terrible pressure on officers attending such horrendous incidents, and my heart goes out to his family and colleagues. RIP

Stacey Laidlaw: Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and co-workers. Thank you for your service and dedication.

Rudy Callbeck: My thoughts and prayers are with Ken’s family and friends, as well as to all members at D Div.

Robert Poitras: May God bless him and his family!

Scott MacPherson: Sad day.

Barry Karen Hagemeister: My heart is heavy and sad…I’m soo sorry for the loss of another retired hero…my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends….Rest in Peace Sir thank you for all you did while serving our country…God Bless

Lynette Ristau: Prayers brother. I pray that all the sadness has been lifted from you and that you are at peace.

Amanda Ritchot: Rip … Thinking of all his family and friends through this tough time!

Dave Boyce: RIP my friend

Christopher Gosselin: RIP to all our Brothers and Sisters!!

Linda Pierce Larsen: Prayers and sorrow being sent from Illinois USA

Melanie Wagner Such sad news

Deborah Attiittuq Klengenberg: Condolences to family & friends….his sufferring is finally over. RIP

Deanne McLeod: may he rest in peace ! Sympathies to all the family and friends !

Bill Turner: So very sad. RIP Cpl Baker.

Trish Gibb: RIP Cpl Baker. May you find the peace that eluded you these past years.

Edith R.Frenette: Something needs to be done to prevent this. Prayers to the family.

Marilyn Roberts: He deserved a better life after all he gave for protecting us.

Sandy Shaw: So very sad for his friends and family tremendous loss. RIP.

Kevin E. James: PTSD is real and devastating to those whose life it impacts. Please support anyone who is touched by this very serious mental health issue!

Pam Rose: R.I.P…….we need to take this more seriously, and offer support.

Philip J. Hamm: May this sorrow not be in vain, much more must be done, so much more.

Rose Tice: To the family we grew up across the street from the Barker family are deepest sympathy to you all . Stick together and keep the memories alive . Ken party hard with your family and friends up there in freedom land. Love Melinda , Rose and Elmer

Trish Buchanan: I’m sad and heartbroken. Sending love, lots of love to his family. I lost my police officer husband Paul Buchanan to suicide on March 12, 2013. Rest in peace Ken Barker.

Tannis Burton: How very sad. Thank you Cpl Baker for your service, and to all the members who sacrifice daily to protect and uphold the law.

Jen Klapp: The entire community mourns… Hold your heads high dear heroes, and never be ashamed of the horror that haunts you.

Oakley Millen: Totally understand. May you find peace that could not be found in life.

Bev Pete: Let the ‘silence’ of PTSD be silenced… R.I.P. Brother.

Martha Neufeld: R.I.P. My condolences to the family. I am the mother of a Firefighter/First Responder and the Aunt of a RCMP officer. They have seen and experienced so much I would have liked to have shielded them from and I am so proud of them! God bless.

Martin Bradbury: My prayers for all those who suffer. My thanks for all you do.

Russ Barkhouse: These are happening too frequently in all branches of First Responders. Prayers for the family and all affected. Rest In Peace Cpl. Barker.

Lloyd R. Brownell: Prayers and condolences to the family and coworkers or Cpl. Barker. God bless you.

Beth Sorensen: How sad.

Linda M Edwards: My sincere condolences to all … frown emoticon

Yvonne Amos: So very sorry & sad this happened. Thinking of all the others & families out there too, struggling with the pain of trauma & losses.

Margo Desjardin:s Sad, another good man down

Gerry Barrett: RIP

Donna Weisgerber: I am so sorry and sad that these fine people have to suffer so much.

Jennie Bignell: So very very sad.

Ron N Vanessa: Much Respect. Condolences. So sad. frown emoticon

Viki Cyr: God bless him and his family

Melinda Goodwin-Humphries: So very sad to have lost another officer. Prayers and condolences for the family and friends. RIP

Cecelia Stappler: That is so sad to lose another police officer RIP

Michael Hetzel: Sad story!!!! R.I.P.

Cheryl Braun: RIP cry emoticon

Amanda Russell: Rest in peace Ken.

Beth Ray-Thorne: Rest in peace now Ken.

Connie Blaeser: Rip as you did not on earth! May your soul be free of pain. May God heal the hearts of all who are left behind!!! God bless!

Clayton Watts: Rest in peace now Kenny .So sad RIP

Cheryl Van Der Raadt: A very important message! Please share!

Robert Sullivan: RIP

Grace Fredin: Our condolences to the family, so sorry.

Cindy Kelly: Such a loss.

Vicki Morrison: So very sorry to hear this. RIP

Alex Taylor: Our RCMP are courageous and incredible. Rest easy Cpl Barker. You will never be forgotten. Sending love to his family from Alberta.

Gonzo Rocha: Very sad news. My thoughts and prayers.

Cynthia Hamu: My thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones and colleagues. May he rest in peace.

Judy Ramm: Awful. So, so sad.

Murielle Pitre: Oh this is so sad

Jodie Russell: Very tragic news! I lost my husband to suicide in 2011…my heart goes out to his family and friends

Marlene Flood: Such sad news, deepest sympathies to his family & friends.

El Gallo Lpmc: Godspeed brother.

Cathie Hackenschmidt-Marshall: God Bless him and his family. I hope he’s found his peace at last.

Cynthia Martin: My deepest condolences to family and friends. May he find peace now.

Barbara Wozny: A very sad day for his family and friends. PTSD is not understood by most people and everyone deals with it differently and its causes vary but the symptoms are the same in so many ways.

Jeri Featherley: RIP brother…..

Dena Davidson-Johnson: My heartfelt condolences to family and friends

Lani Drechsler: Our hearts definitely go out to his family and all law enforcement.

Trina Ryma: My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. RIP Ken.

Wendy Cotterhill-Devaux: My heart goes out to all suffering from PTSD

Florence Merrick: Prayers of courage and love to his family,10-42

Janet Hickey-Trim: My heart breaks for all of those that knew, loved, met, cared for and about Ken Barker. He sounds like he was a wonderful man. May he rest in peace and that his family and colleagues will stay strong.

Donna Blunt: Deepest sympathy to the family and his friends, as they struggle through this.

Dawna Gillie Morse: God speed Corporal. Thoughts and prays to your family and friends.

Mauri Cadieux: Peace to you Ken and to your family. May we find a way to turn down the volume on disparaging/tramatic thoughts.

Bekkah Dady: My condolences

Allison Lemieux: Thoughts and prayers to his friends, family, and Co-workers.. RIP.

Ann Chaisson: My deepest sympathies to the family. Hugs Prayers sent your way…Such a terrible thing for anyone to deal with. May he rest in peace!!

Karin Tebbutt Cope Carson: My thoughts and prayers to him and his family

Judith Allison: Sad

Adrian Cadmus-Dixon: My deepest condolences to the Barker family and comrades. May he rest in peace.

Helena Paxton: so sad x

Margaret Larnie: God rest his soul. RIP Canadian Hero

Jenna Matthijsse: RIP

Louise Hourie: Good god. There’s nobody to help these brave people who put their lives on the line every day to help us?

Lyle McKellar: A moment of reflection.

Ellen Waite: so sad

Kelsey Anne Canning: this is terribly sad frown emoticon RIP my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends

Becky Kane Joseph: These stories are so sad and so unnecessary, if given the help, these brave men and women to who protect and serve our country could live long and heathy lives. God rest his poor soul.

Colleen Ginter: The events of that tragedy were so horrific, it would take a compassionate, expert traumatologist to help and support and help witnesses to find meaning. I am appalled that there was no provision for this. Really? Unconscionable.

Collin Cadotte: It’s a very sad day. RIP my friend.

Diane Carlberg: It takes a special person to even put themselves out there to protect us. We need to do more to keep those brave people with us.

David Gutherz: Rip clp. Baker May the Lord our God grant your family peace of mind.

Jody Giles-Foster: May you soar with the Angel’s Cpl Barker…thank you for your service and all you have done!!

Trish Bergal: With love and prayer to Shari, Kelly, Sam and to all PTSD survivors

Tanya Craft McCarthy: We really have no idea what our first responders see and hear on a daily basis. God bless Cpl. Barker and his family. I hope he now has found peace he couldn’t find here on earth.

Kelly Ladouceur: Rest in peace Corporal Barker.

Corrie Pages : I dad the chance to meet him and he was a super nice man.

Christina Eddy: Healing and positive thoughts to the loved one involved in this tragedy.

Rebecca Ternahan-Henry: So sad

Jenn Urquhart: It’s pretty hard to erase trauma…

So many heroes with PTSD and not enough being done 😦

Shelley Bjornson: This is truly a tragedy…not just for those who knew Ken personally, but for all of Canada as well. Your kindness, compassion, and quiet sense of humor will be forever missed Ken. RIP friend.

Beryl St. Germain: Oh my! How sad.

Brian Kautz: From a military man to your familly…. May you rest easy and know you did your job above and beyond the Call of duty, and may your family find peace and comfort.

Barbara Charney-Osborne: My sympathies for his Family. RIP

Allison Howlett: So so sad. My heart goes out to his family

Sue Dault Macaula: I am so very sorry for the families loss. Very sad.

Barbara McKnight-Perry: Very saddened to hear this. RIP …thoughts and prayers to family, friends and coworkers

Chuck Cooper: Rest easy, brother.

Nancy Hewitt: So sorry to hear, I know a suicide is hard to deal with plus the loss of that person. RIP

Ann Maxwell: Rip so sad

Sandy Henry-Jim Jamer: RIP:(

Amanda Balak: Very heavy heart for Ken and his family, rest peacefully Ken

Christine Catherine Coleman: Thank you so much for your

Service !!!!!

RIP.. and my Heartfelt Condolences to the Family…

Gods Comfort be yours…

Dean Langton: RIP officer

Beth Elhard: So sorry. RIP

Debbie Brandt: Rest in Peace. To the family my heartfelt condolences.

Annie Harris: Tears…and heaviness of heart…my heart and my soul and prayers go to this family grieving with loss … I lost my sister to suicide in 1989 … it is an excellent thing that is being done to bring light to the trauma of PTSD .

Danielle Hagen: Oh my. I am so sorry to hear this news rest in peace and thank you for your service to this country and all those in it. ♡

Wayne Patterson: That is so sad!Prayers for his family!

Ikke Ikke: RIP Sir.

Cathy Ferguson: Tragic. May he rest in peace.

Janice Pennington Reid: My deepest condolences to Sam, Sheri and Kelly. RIP Ken. frown emoticon

Bev Ramsey :This makes me so so sad. Rest in peace

Dean Zcoch: Very sad. Thoughts and prayers with the family, friends and co workers Ken.

Florence Hannem: RIP

Andrea Schadeck: I’m sorry to hear this news. Thank you for your service brother. RIP

Jodie Forbes: RIP

Rob MacDonald: Rest in peace Sir, thank you for your service.

My condolences to the family of the fallen Mountie. May he rest in peace.

Karen Balan: Prayers for his family and friends. So sad that members see things that have such a terrible impact on their lives. God bless those who ‘protect and serve’.

Gail Radtke: The loss is overwhelming. I am an 18 veteran of the Corrections Branch in BC, we share your pain and suffering. Education is the key, right in recruit training, to prepare Officers for the life that the job demands of them. It is encompassing, the life of a Law Enforcement, First Responder, Emergency Officer can be a daily battle to survive emotionally. My apologizes if I have not included our Military and so many others that give of themselves to serve and protect Canadian Citizens each day, there are many people.

Krista Smith: PTSD is a very real and devastating illness. My heart breaks. Rest in peace.

Sharlyn Sorge: Blessings with prayers.

Mai Azur: God bless his family

Andy Gomez: Rest in peace Cpl. Barker.

Linda Stoyek:  R.I.P. Ken Barker…your struggles are over …may your heart and spirit soar free!

Heather Rose: RIP

Bill Gentle: Rest in Peace my Brother……struggle no more :((((

April Quigley: May he be at peace.


One thought on “Remembering Cpl. Ken Barker

  1. Many days have passed, hearts still ache.

    You are still brave. aye remembered .

    The life still bright. The road as dark, less travelled .

    Duty done. Rest deserved .

    We will no forget ye.

    Gentle soul.

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