Nightmare Witch

It’s dark and I’m lost in a time and place.
I smell gas, see your purple face.
I want to run, flee for my life.
But you’re someone’s mother, someone’s wife.

Metal pings, hungry to burn.
The space is cramped, hard to turn.
Antifreeze boils and adds to the smell.
You hang inverted in this stinking hell.

I’m on the ceiling, crawling like a child.
My heart is beating a rhythm wild.
When will I burn, will it explode?
How far’s that ambulance down the road?

“You’ll be ok, I’ll stay with you.”
But what I said just wasn’t true.
Don’t stare at me anymore.
I only want out that door.

You died like that, you tortured soul.
God help me I’ve also paid a toll.
You stare at me, with your eyes so blue.
You haunt me, watch me, my whole life through.

Let me go, you ungrateful wretch.
Damn you for becoming my nightmare witch.
I’d fight you, I’d kill you if I had the chance.
But I can’t. We dance this macabre dance.

Garth Wright


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