I Am Good Enough

Do not say I’m not good enough.
I will prove you wrong.
I may be bruised and battered, but my honour is still strong.
My eyes have seen the horrors and my ears have heard the cries.
My hands have felt the lifeless, despite my fervent tries.

The battles are endless and I fight them all.
I don’t really have a choice.
If I give in, then the demons win.
Theirs can’t be the only voice.
Their drone is constantly in my head, begging me to fall.
If I just give in, the pain will cease. Silencing it all.

I reach out my hand and hope you’re there,
Yet you ask me to do more.
I’ve been let down, abandoned, shunned.
You’ve closed every open door.
But still I stand, though weakened some, by the scars I’m forced to bear.
They show I’ve fought and survived each day.
They are the badge that I now wear.

You look at me as if I’m done.
You say my time has passed.
But without me watching for the wolf,
How long would those sheep last?

You CAN’T say I’m not good enough.
I’ve won battles large and small.
So here I stand. You are in my debt.
You owe me for them all.

By Carol Green


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