Remembering Cpl. Ron Francis

Stand Easy Cpl. Ron Franics

Phil Dahdona: RIP Cpl. Ron Francis…it was a pleasure knowing you and training alongside you as a troopmate in Regina. My heartfelt condolences to the family.

Maryann Tomah: So sorry uncle and the rest of the family I grew up with him just we were very good friends and always be missed and loved forever.

Dav Langstroth: Dignity Respect and Honesty were stripped from this man who only asked to be forgiven for his faults. The method of his passing is irrelevant. His family needs to know from the rank and file that he was valued and validated as an officer and a human being. The RCMP need to give a full honours funeral or memorial.

Pauline Francis: He was an officer who asked for help hours before it happened but no they refused to help him and he couldn’t take anymore. He was trying to help help so he could see his children he missed them so much. I know because I am his mother and I spent time with him every day. I was last talking to him at 10:45 and he was waiting for the RCMP medical section to call him back. He wanted to go to BC for 3 months to get help. But they refused and he couldn’t take anymore. I love you my son Ron xoxoxoxo

Dave Martin: As a former police officer and survivor or PTSD it pains me to read and see those who were not able to survive this demon. It is a tragedy that need not happen. Although the media has helped with getting the word out there, they have also contributed to the negative stereotype associated with PTSD by sensationalism and the wrongful portrayal of those suffering. What the media and mainstream public doesn’t see is the bigger picture of those that suffer in silence. RIP brother, may God bless your soul and may your family, friends, brothers and sisters on the thin blue line find comfort and strength in each other.

Tanya Reid Fizzard RIP Cpl. No matter what uniform we wear we stand on guard for our country knowing we may be called to pay the largest price we can. Cpl Francis you did your country proud. Your watch is now over. May you forever rest in peace and be free of this horrible illness. Thank you for your service and thank you to all who serve; for continuing where Cpl Francis left off. To Cpl Francis’ family my heart felt thoughts and prayers are coming your way.

Matthew Smith: He was one of my heroes as a teenager growing up basically next door, I’ll surely miss him!

Don Cone: Cops don’t usually say they have PTSD, because so many of them look at it as a sign of weakness. Some many don’t go for help for the same reason. I think I am one of very few that have asked for help. Thank God, it has helped!

Ray Gagiid Brown: Cpl Francis is 10-35; rest easy. Condolences to the family, friends and those affected so profoundly by this loss.

Andre Turcotte: Are the flags flying at half-mast today in Ottawa and at the “J Div.” Headquarters because they should be, out of respect for Cpl. Francis and all the other first responders battling PTSD.

Connie J Sabattis: The media never portrayed him in the way he truly was. It’s such a tragic end to his suffering. Rest Easy, Ron! heart emoticon

Asokwat Lisa Taylor: So sad, he tried to beat this battle of PTSD, I hope he is recognized as a devoted RCMP who gave his life to others rather the way media portrayed him….prayers for his journey to the Spirit World and to everyone who personally knew him….

Davin MacRae: He cried for help as loud as anyone could have. In turn they banished him instead of helping him. RIP

Nancy Joyce: It is so sad how a member is treated these days when there are other options than to strip him/her of their identity and disregard all that the hard work that they’ve put in over the years. I didn’t know Cpl Francis but just watched the CBC video of when he gave up his uniform – makes me sick to see this. Why won’t our colleagues stand beside us in these times? PTSD is a disabling illness and should be treated as such. So very sad about this. RIP Cpl Francis.

Tom Larkin:  RIP comrade. Thank you for serving your country. I am sorry your fellow Canadians were incapable of ascending you out from the abyss in which you had fallen. We are guilty as Canadians of expecting you to strive to maintain a national iconic symbol regardless of your humanity, yet it is that very humanity that we demand from you towards us that is the genesis of a tortured soul! I challenge all family members, friends and colleagues to remember Ron as the young smiling recruit he was, full of vitality and enthusiasm standing before you with his freshly minted badge in his hand. May God comfort all those who morn his premature departure. Tom Larkin, Reg. 32545, (Ret.)

Maryann Tomah: I know what it’s like to have a loved one who suffers from PTSD and no one and I mean no one should have to endure the pain that every family has to go through. Prayers to everyone who suffers from this madness of PTSD

Polch Polchies: It’s sad that he was treated so poorly and looked down upon by his very own(RCMP) and the Fredericton city police.

Rich Francis: Watch over us Ron, your still on duty buddy….And whoever created this website., thank you..

Alice Kammer: Another hero gone way too soon ,so sad for family and friends, my heart goes out to you

Sharon Scott: Prayers for his family and friends. The good he did lives on in the memories of many.

Bonnie J. Poirier: Rest In peace Ronnie! You will be forever missed and I hope and pray that you find the peace that you desperately need. Thoughts, prayers and love go to your entire family in KFN.

Rick Marian de Gruyl: He looked so peaceful last night at wake

Jack Gordon Mullin: May his memory never be for gotten

Nancy Brown: My condolences to his family and friends. Such a devastating loss.

Mark Joseph Michalowsky: Unless someone walks a mile in your shoes, no one will ever know the pain that you were going through. RIP my brother.

Jean Marie Bolduc: More work has to be done!

Alan McCreadie: R. I. P. Brother we are all feeling safer now that heaven has a guardian angel looking down on us.

Marlene Flood: Rip Ron Francis

Carolyn N Andy Nicholas: You are now in the arms of Jesus heart emoticon

Margaret Shott: Prayers

Willi Nolan: “Soldiers, police, people who do this kind of work, over time it’s going to affect them. I want to help other members.” Thank you for your life teachings of humility, kindness and bravery, brother. You will be remembered.

Marie Claire Muzzerall-Gautreau: My heart goes out to his family, friends and coworkers. This is so sad. My husband is suffering with severe PTSD and it sickens me of the lack of support he is getting from his union, employer, wcb, etc. As a wife, i am worried sick about him and feel so helpless.. PTSD is very serious. I pray for help and support for all of those suffering every day and their families.

Starlette Howe: Another hero lost because he didn’t get the respect and support he deserved. What will it take? Rest in Peace Cpl Francis and Thank You. You will forever be in our hearts and appreciated.

Timothy F Denis: The prayers of the Denis Clan from Cacouna are with the Francis Clan at Kingsclear during their period of grief, reflection, and celebration of a man I wished I knew…PTSD is something I deal with daily, and I looked after my dad, a Navy korean War Vet, who lived with it as well…I and my family understand, and hold out our hands in prayer and support.

Lisa Nainer: His pain suffered by others and it’s still unheard. Please help our brave officers.

Amy Sock: You did not die in vain my friend. Watch over us specially those suffering at this very moment #PTSD

Brenda Jaille:t RIP!

Joan Evans-Suggett: much respect…………………

Michael McGarrity: R I P

Leah A Rissesco: Words may not be enough to bring comfort but if we look deep enough into our soles we will find the right path to lift us up.

Ray Spencer: R.I.P.

Gerald A Brown: Rip thoughts to family

Scott Walker: RIP you will always be remembered!

Philip Moore: R.I.P I think the RCMP let this man down publicly shamed him by making him turn in his uniform.

Mary Scott: How sad. His struggle was so public. May he rest in peace.

Leanne Kamphuis: I worked with many military men and woman suffering from PTSD. I have seen only a few recover to a somewhat normal life. Prayers go out to all RCMP and Military members and hopes that more mental Health services

Margie Grier: Continued prayers for all who are suffering from PTSD, and from the fallout surrounding the condition. Peace for all peace keepers and their extended family, force and friends.

Brenda Miller McMullin: Pauline my heart goes out to you and your family I lost my son as well from PTSD 3 years ago. He was a soldier who served in Afghanistan Please know I am praying for you and your family and your brave son.

Susan Phillips: As a survivor who almost wasn’t, I understand the torment of PTSD. Condolences to those who knew this hero

Sharon Anne Collier Edgett: The sadness I felt as the media was there when he had to turn in his Scarlett’s I just knew this was not going to turn out well you cannot wear a uniform so proudly and not get the compassion and help when you need it prays for the family Cpl Francis was an excellent and proud Mountie serving the public

Al Roy: RIP Cpl. Francis. This truly demonstrate the inability of the RCMP the understand the consequences of their actions when dealing with members affected by PTSD. Instead of persistently trying to save the image of the RCMP, they should devote some of their energy to supporting their members. Mental illness is a very serious issue and is not to be ignored.

Carla Bonnell: My deepest condolences to those who loved him. I’m a stranger but I followed his story, and my heart broke then and it continues to break. May peace find you and comfort be yours. May healing come quickly and he be remembered for the sacrifices he made.

Janet Wiszowaty: I don’t watch the news often but tonight again was reminded of the loss of Cpl Francis, a reminder to everyone that there are other victims. An adult child of 2 members was in tears today after hearing an inconsiderate man on his cell phone making derogatory comments about our lost officer and other members of the RCMP. Reminds me of the saying…”Walk A Mile in My Shoes”

Tom Cantwell: I have worked closely with countless people suffering from PTSD and it is my belief that while it is a very serious condition which I have struggled with myself, this officers death was caused not by his PTSD but by the insensitive and abusive orders handed down by the so called “powers that be” in the higher echelons of the RCMP. They added insult to injury resulting in the death of this man and very probably exposed his colleagues who were tasked with carrying out the ridiculous orders to take away his uniform, deprive him of his identity and dignity and show their callous ignorance of this illness. My heart and prayers go out to Cpl. Francis family….

Tara Taylor: RIP…. PTSD is NOT addressed by the RCMP… it’s NOT addressed by the public… it is sad that a Police force that was so highly recognized in the beginning has let it’s fellow members down… I give hugs to the family and close friends of Cpl. Ron Francis and to the many other families that have lost loved ones to such a terrible condition…

Janine Rostron: This was an avoidable tragedy. It sickens me that this happened. Shame on everyone involved in worsening his distress. I can’t hardly believe it.

Debby Clements: May God keep him safe now. God bless him of trying to change things. Very, very, very sad.

Michelle Martin: I was extremely saddened by this news this morning. I first met Ron Francis when he walked in my office for his RCMP recruit interview some 20 years ago. I was the “J” Division RCMP Recruiting NCO at the time. He was young, full of life and ready for the adventure that awaited him. He was extremely excited when I informed him that I was recommending his application to move forward and I was proud to be at his engagement ceremony before he left for Depot. I retired as an Inspector from the RCMP with 30 years service almost 3 years ago. Retired with a medical pension after being Off Duty Sick for almost 4 years due to chronic mental illness, of which I am still on medication for. My life since leaving the RCMP has greatly improved and I am much happier. I feel like the worst is really behind me and nothing but good for my future. I’m writing this now so that people suffering from mental illness may be given hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I only wish I would have been able to talk to Ron before he had lost all hope….

Insp. Michelle Martin O1981

Suzie Romain-Pullen: I am a relative of this man, I recall maybe meeting him once but I have learned more about who this man is by spending time reading your posts

Rick Trish Beers: Rest and find the peace in death that eluded you in life.

De-Anne Chantel: Rest in peace Nitap

Debby Severin Coyne These men and women who serve our Country to protect us are heroes. It is sad to see the way our country treat them when they reach out for help. To his family I am so saddened and ashamed that after 21 years of service the help he needed wasn’t there. I would like to say to his family especially his children, that he is a hero in my eyes and because of him and other like him, I live in a much better world. May he RIP.

Ken Ogilvie: This is a tragedy in every way! The loss of a brother from the police family! His loss of dignity at the hands if the media just looking for some crap to stir is unfair, unjust and dangerous……. obviously! A good man lost!

Robin Guyette Linda Ross there are programs it’s a matter of ppl getting involved. I live in ny we just did a fundraising walk called out of the darkness for suicide awareness and prevention. Our north country alone which is just two counties that raised for our are…See More

Patricia Farris: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder…very serious…!!

Greta Wakeling: It pains me to see that this courageous man suffered way too much. Sometimes everything we do just isn’t enough. I know his pain must have been enormous and broke him. I am sorry

Susan Brown: R.I.P..SO SAD..Prayers for his family

MaryAnn Coffey: Thank you for your service …another fail by our country! Strength and love to your family

Gail Daigle: So sad!

Myrna Landry: Support is so needed. Prayers to his family and friends, Co workers.

Glen Vaillancourt: R.I.P. my blue Line brother.

Sandra Spiteri-Duns: R.I.P. Cpl. Ron. Condolences to the family.

Michelle Nalley: I know everybody thinks there is no help within the government but my brother is a councillor for the VA just for vets that are struggling. My brother is a war time vet and knows exactly what they struggle with each day and he is there for them anytime they need him. It may not he enough for everybody but I am very proud of my brother.

Judith Haggerty: So sorry for the family and the loss of this man.

Marie Yipp: God is holding him in his arms and no more pain.

Nan Ray: May Ron Rest In Peace, heartfelt prayers to his family and loved ones.

Beverly Bowyer Myer: Pauline Francis my heart aches for you and for the loss of your son. I’m so sorry. God give you peace.

Beverly Bowyer Myers: PTSD so underestimated and misunderstood. I have a request to transfer to work in our PTSD unit. Please pray that I will be able to work with these fine men who served our country and whose lives will never be the same. My prayers are with this man and his family. God rest his soul.

Kristi Gogan: It is a sad thing that admitting struggle,pain and suffering is looked upon by so many as weakness within the Military and RCMP as well as many other sectors. PTSD affects so many individuals who have had trauma in their lives. There are several other mental symptoms that arise from it as well. Being aware is only the first step. Most people who suffer try to hide it. It becomes unbearable at times and will never be fully understood. May this family have the support they need to make it through this terrible tragedy. Mark C Osborne-Ozzie: The RCMP did not take care of their own here. We all saw it coming when they took away his uniform….. Why didn’t They ? I hope he at least gets a Full Honours Funeral like others. A Bad year for RCMP headquarters. Shameful in several cases, involving it’s own & tragic in all.

Colleen Tayler: My message to the CBC: “I have never been so disappointed and ashamed of the CBC. I am very saddened by the CBC’s total lack of respect towards Corporal Ron Francis and his grieving family! On at least two occasions since the sad news broke, the tragic death of Cpl. Francis was reported by the CBC under the headline, “Pot-Smoking Mountie found dead”. The first was on social media’s Facebook, and the second, when reporter Redmond Shannon announced the tragic news on National television. Corporal Francis deserves better than that shameful, apathetic, lazy headline! Not only did he bravely serve our country for over 21 years, he also fought for a cause that needs to be recognized. He suffered from PTSD, and wanted to help make it easier for others who are fighting the same battle to receive the treatment they needed. He courageously took up the cause, and by shedding a light on the use of medicinal marijuana, he put himself in jeopardy, and ultimately, paid with his life. Corporal Francis was NOT just a “pot-smoking Mountie”, he was so much better than that disrespectful headline implies. He was also a husband and father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend of so many. I, for one, demand a RETRACTION of that shameful, disrespectful headline, as well as an APOLOGY to the grieving family and friends of Corporal Ron Francis. May his soul find the peace he was so desperately searching for.”

Joy Wood: So very sad

Isabelle Philippe Elliot:t From the little bit I read in the media about this man, it seems he was asking for help loud and clear. Why did no one help him? He wasn’t always silent in his suffering yet he still didn’t get the help he needed.

Crystal Jones: Rip prayers go out to his family.  I will continue to try and help people with this struggle along the way.

Rob Saavedra: I’ve been dealing with PTSD for a while now. 16 years as a deputy, however I might have to hang up career. God Bless you cpl. Ron

Wendy Dickel: Rip ..thoughts and prayers are with the family

Steve Critchley: Stand Easy and Rest in Peace.

Trudy Chamberlain: Breaks my heart but depression kills RIP Cpl Francis.

Wendy Awenda: People who have not experienced PTSD don’t know, and have NOT researched it are plain idiots. The media always wants to blame someone – so their story is more appealing. What ever happened to the media doing their homework. RIP Cpl. God rest your soul. I hope you have finally found some peace in this horrific nightmare.

Wilson Fisk: RIP my friend. You deserve the rest. I’ll remember the times I spent with you, and your encouraging words.

Curtis V. McDonald: As a former Peace Officer, I too suffered from PTSD without even knowing. The cold sweats, nightmares and triggers that lead me to an addiction to cope. Help is out there, I know. I survived and continue to heal. My heart and prayers to all that suffer in silence and especially to the families.

Deborah Siu: Shame on the media. He wasn’t a “Pot Smoking Mountie”. He suffered from PTSD, as many do, and was trying to manage the symptoms with marijuana. RIP Ron, sorry you were not treated with compassion.

Trudi Roth: RIP Cpl. Francis. As a fellow Emergency Services worker, my heart is breaking for you, your families, friends and peers. Deepest sympathies to all. Sending you all healing strength and love.

Bart Johnston: Another sad tragedy……compassion is supposed to be without bias or judgement……Thanks Cpl. Francais for your dedication…….all the best to his family, friends, and community

Robyn Richardson: RIP Cpl. Ron Francis. It’s not always easy to reach out when you have PTSD. God bless his family & friends.

Evelyn Laing: So very sad blessings that he may find peace and condolences to the family losing a loved one this way just shatters the loved ones left, but can’t even imagine the struggle and pain the one who is struggling goes through

Susan Day: Ron, you will be greatly missed by your friends and family. My deepest sympathies to his family. frown emoticon

Bernard Dudka: RIP Cpl Francis

Susannah Daugharty: Take your rest now Cpl. Ron, you have earned it! God bless!

John McCarthy: You’re not alone! If you have PTSD please don’t give up the fight! Be strong.

Joy VRad: RIP….Stand easy and know that you will be missed.

Heather Palmer: Prayers to his family

Brigitte Gignac: Sincere condolences to family, friends and all those touched by this tragedy … So sad.

Nathalie Lanteigne: I’m so sorry.

Juliet Walden: So devastating to read of yet another loss. Please let us take care of one another…

Stephanie Estabrooks: I hope the family gets privacy so they can grieve .So sorry for such a loss

Stephanie Estabrooks: I hope the media has some decency and NOT use that HORRIBLE title of “pot smoking ” mountie !!!

Debbie Best-pug: Heartfelt Sympathy for Ron”s family and friends. May he Rest in Peace. It saddens me that he did not receive the help he so desperately wanted. Anyone who serves should be treated with RESPECT and never kicked when they are down! Shame on the RCMP!

Terry Albright: I have PTSD and am so sorry to see how this brave man was treated.

Kathy MacDougall: I lost a very close friend several yrs ago, she was a Cpl. In the RCMP and an angel!! God Bless these families

Robin Guyette: I lost my brother Cory (34 yrs old) just this past July. My heart goes out to the family. I know he they feel and the questions that they are trying so hard to seek as I seek the same one. This is something that needs to be addressed. I just recently took place in my first of many to come suicide awareness prevention walk.

Stephanie Bucholtz: RIP Cpl Francis. My heart goes out to the family and friends left behind. Xo

Sharon Hennessey: PTSD has such a strong stigma attached to it that you have to be a very strong person to reach out and ask for help. All first responder’s who are struggling with PTSD: please reach out to others who are in the same situation.. no matter the uniform yo…See More

Jackie Mitchell: He asked for help, and apparently never got enough. RCMP should be ashamed of how this was handled. So should the media.

Lorraine Wrigglesworth: Some of the RCMP ought to be holding their heads in shame, along with the media. Ron could have received the respect and dignity he deserves.

Bandy Anderson: Asking for help is Not a weakness. We live with this every day and are here for those we love.

France Menard: RIP Ron. It breaks my heart. My husband thought highly of you and respected you as a member. My condolences to the family. RIP now, so sad. I’m loss for words, sadden by this horrible news.

Jan Newman Franklin Prayers!! RIP! !!

Luc Vermette: RIP troopmate!

Rhonda Nantais: RIP Cpl. Ron FRANCISCO

Judy Gray-Erl: So sad.

Thomas Heatley: Sorry for your loss.

Patricia Farris: Feeling Heavy Heart for family and friends…I know several people suffering with PTSD…Breaks My Heart…knowing what They and Their Families go through…God… Please Bless Them!!!

Brenda Jules: Condolences to the family.

Jill Dalby-Sharp: So sad.

Lorrie Richardson: My heart goes out to his family and all who suffer from this.

Tracy Bertrim: My thoughts and prayers go to his family.

Patricianne Raven McElroy: Prayers!

Rae Halley: My sympathies to his family. I’m widow of exRCMP and understand how he must have felt…my late husband and I had soooo many friends who suffered. Love to all.

Corinne Carpenter: So sad! This was preventable

Dk Ritchie: Your hurting is over..our sadness has once more begun.. Condolences to family and friends..

Una Papania: Prayers

Ann Marie Noseworthy: So very sorry to hear this. My heart is breaking for his family!

Michel LeBlan: So sad

Dallis Nimmo: R.I.P

Kevin King: Poor guy…

Gail Byrne: Rest In peace ! It is so sad that it has to end so tragically and people do not seem to understand until it is too late! My heart goes out to his family !!!!!

Andrea Nadeau: Ron’s familiy – so sorry for your loss. He must have suffered terribly. My heart goes out to you.

Carol Grant: an unspeakable tragedy…my heart sank when I heard of this on the news….I had to wonder if there had been some kindness would this have happened?

Wody Bergquist: Condolances to family, friends and fellow officers.

Tom Bristow: SADNESS

Bill McLaughlin: So sorry to hear about this. I lived with a father from WWII who did battle in Ortona Italy. He was full blown PTSD and believe me that is no picnic. He wasn’t taken all that serious and in those days “soldiers” didn’t admit to such “failure” or “weakness”. He and our family paid a heavy price for something no one would appreciate was real.

Julie Holland: RIP be finally at peace, condolences to those left behind.

Luc Perreault: R.I.P. Ron.

Debbie Clouter Shea: Respect, sir. RIP.

Soulfull Fayant: My heart and prayers are with Ron and his family. My grandfather is a war veteran, lived with us for the last three years of his life and use to wake out of his sleep screaming and crying…each night was scary and unpredictable. He passed peacefully in his sleep in 1994. I can’t imagine what this family must be going through frown emoticon PTSD is so complicated and scary.

Andrea Taylor McNair: thoughts and prayers go out to Ron’s family…Rest in Peace Ron.

Carol Lee Johnston-Arsenault: RIP Cpl Ron Francis, my thoughts and prayers are being sent for the family.

Brenda Young: RIP…send our prayers to the family

Linda Bora: No this did not need to happen, RIP Cpl Ron Francis! Don’t know how these people are going to help us because no one will join up if they aren’t protected first. It scares the hell out of me!

Sylvie Marie: Our sincere condolences to the whole family. It is such a sad loss…. Sending hugs to all of you. Sylvie & Doug xo

Cindy Manzer: So sad

Suzan Croft: So sad…this did not have to happen… frown emoticon

Sue Jacobs: My prayers and condolences to cpl. Ron Francis’s family. May you RIP as you begin your journey to the spirit world.

Ge Anne: RIP

Cathy Lynn VanIderstine: Deeply sorry….heart goes out to his family and friends. frown emoticon

Bernee Prosser: So sad, he went to an extreme to seek help and awareness, he didn’t deserve this. To the people who turned your back on Ron, you have to live with this. RIP

Lori Annie: So very sad. RIP, Cpl. Francis. Prayers for your family.

Paulette Allen: How very sad.

Laura La-Belle: May his soul rest in peace … he deserves to finally be at peace

The Lithium Chronicles: Stopping by to show my support. Love and Light to you all. I’m so very sorry and deeply saddened by the death of Cpl. Ron Francis. May he find peace, and may you all find it as well. Nicole.

Céline Morin Chassé: This is so sad, sympathies to the family and friends and RCMP. RIP.

Eunice Cunningham: Serve & protect… Isn’t that the slogan for the RCMP? So what happened to protecting you’re own? It is really sad when the brass decide they have to protect themselves from being publicly humiliated. They are not thinking of this individual as Human Being! They are thinking politically … Which is sad, he was prescribed this medical marihuana by his physician so therefore it’s legit… He could not get any support from his superiors so he had to turn to something that eased his pain & suffering . This is what I would call…SERVE & PROTECT your health also. Condolences to the family & RIP CPL. Francis whom I call a HERO. Don’t let politics get in the way & give this Cpl. A proper burial he deserves. After all he served & protected our society.

Dave Barnet: Another needless end. May your soul rest in peace.

Louise Blais Pyers: Another tragic loss. Rest in Peace.

Karen St.Onge: RIP Cpl. Francis.

Mark Walsh: Rest easy Cpl

Betty Delaney: Condolences to the family, very sad the way they portrayed this man in the news a real shame rip dear man.

Jackie Smith Neumann: Heartbreaking. R.I.P. Cpl Francis.

Sharon Fowler Thoughts are with the family ,friends and the amazing troops of the RCMP . PTSD is alive and we need to take of our service provides . God bless

Ruby Gladu: Hugs and prayers to all families and RCMP members!!!! Rip Cpl. Ron Francis

Krystyna Shirley Rabin: Xxoo

Richard Denny: PTSD very hard to deal with and the most who don’t understand or feel it !! but ways I deal with it Ex.Fireman and ex addition worker front line 13 years take care sad lose Cpl. Ron Francis

Isabelle Richard: RIP My sympathy to all of you frown emoticon

Dee Straw: Prayers for his family and friends.

Jean Davis Rockwell: RIP young man you are in a much better place, love to your family and friends. Bless you

ADiana L’Hohne: God’s Speed to a kinder place. It sadness me that the police/RCMP are so limited in special help. Prayers to family, colleges and friends and to all who hurt from these tragedy.

Lynn Brooks: Very sad to hear another lost to PSTD RIP Ron there just isn’t enough help for anyone with this condition I know firsthand I am one of them and I will continue my battle with this horrible disorder.

Taylor Cato Eggeman: RIP, deepest condolences to his family

Joanne Backstrom: My heart goes out to this wonderful man’s family. I’m so sad to see the help these people so deserve and just give them a pill and send them home not thinking what this man and family are going thru. Rest in peace.

Diane M. Addicott: Rest In Peace . Salute .

Karen Balan: So incredibly sad

Barb Shygera Petelle: I am so sorry to hear this news, my thoughts and prayers go out to this member’s family and friends. I pray for the future of police officers going through PTSD, that they open their hearts and minds to getting the help they need, that they know in their hearts that people care and are available to them and that tomorrow is a new day.

Gary Ingram: R.I.P. Cpl.

Kelly N Todd Donnelly: So very sad. Such a shame that this had to end in such a tragic way.

Rhonda Klingerman: Heart breaking ,May he RIP

Charlene Briem: Prayers to his family and all the RCMP families

Jason Jex Bernard: Rip Ron.

Donna Fowler: So so sorry for the loss of another police officer. Rest in peace

Lloyd Hodgins: RIP Hero RIP and thank you for your service.

Adrian Pavanel: Rip

Mike Muranetz: Am sorry to hear. RIP Cpl

Allen Pribyl: Very sad!

Andrea Mydonick: My heart goes out to his family coworker and friends! God Bless!

Brian Schafer: So sad to keep hearing this. RIP

Gunton Karine: RIP Cpl

Shelley Zur: RIP. Very sorry for the suffering and loss him and his family went though and are going though

Bonnie Barton: So tragic! frown emoticon he was so devastated losing his red serge! Which lost him … My condolences to his family .. So sad!

Sheri Tourangeau: So very sad. Wish he gotten better help. RIP Cpl Francis.

Karen Karebare: Condolences to family and friends.

Gisele Martin: RIP…thank you for your service…..hope you now find the peace you longed for.

Richard Basha: Much sympathy to his family. Another member gone too soon

Kristie D Robbins: RIP Cpl Francis

Alan Harris: Our prayers are with you all for this tragic loss he may be gone but is at peace and

Derrick Collins My condolences to his family. RIP.

Judie J Birns: Heartbreaking

Kylie Aglukark: Very sad, sending my thoughts and prayers to family and friends of Cpl Francis, may you rest in peace.

Mike W Dee: RIP cpl Francis. I don’t know you but stand easy fellow brother. 10-7

Karen Anketell: So sad….may you rest in peace.

Ron J.Meade: The presence of PTSD and its effects many branches of service and for some reluctant to even attempt to gain aid….here in Ron’s case genuine efforts were made but i don’t feel appropriate actions were taken . How many others will end up like this…just this past June another RCMP police officer who I had know also took life….right now aiding these victims suffering from PTSD should be the main objective.

Cathe Douglas: There are too many police officers dying across this country. Rest in Peace Ron. Condolences to his family. This should never of happened.

Kathryn Rockhill: RIP.

Shirley Landry: So so sad, RIP.. You were a Hero to so many, God Bless you for your Duties..

Malou Schipper: RIP Cpl Ron Francis

Corinne Lunney: It is very, very sad to know that the RCMP, with all its resources available to them, didn’t do more to help this young. RIP Cpl. Francis.

Annette Chamberlain: God bless!!!!

Tim Lewis: Rest in Peace Brother. RCMP we grieve your loss. Stay vigilant Sheepdogs.

Casey Bryan: RIP Cpl Francis

Melissa Morey: Pease is finally found,, May he fly with the highest Angels and may his spirit help, comfort, and aid others battling PTSD as I struggle everyday with it.. May his friends and family find comfort knowing his wings will be spread wide, God bless..

Tina Reid-Rowe: RIP Sir. Your battle is fought. Now rest in the arms of the Angels

Albert Petrides: Really sad day. RIP Brother.

Blu Angel: May Cpl. Francis fly with the angels.

Mary Canning :Constable Francis you are not alone ……….you will be sadly missed …….may you rest in peace and may PTSD be recognized …..R.I.P cpl Ron Francis

Crystal Walsh: RIP….respect given and deserved….thanks for the years of service….

Claire Bo: The whole episode is tragic and saddening…for all people

Janet Cote: My mother was a S.Cst. in the RCMP, I’m a survivor of PTSD, sadly my brother took his own life in 2000. It is truly sad to see someone not able to get the help that is needed. My condolences to Cpl. Francis RIP and suffer no more.

Marni Dlin: So sorry what a tragedy!

JeanMarie N Michael Cubberly: RIP

Glenda Weaver Duguid: May he have found peace and know that God has taken him home, heartfelt prayers and condolences to his family and friends. Thank you for your service to our Country.

Becky Brown: So sad, so sorry to hear this, God bless

Debbie Martin Ross: I am so sorry for your loss!

Andy Alex: Our, “GOOD WORK ” Is so easily forgotten.

Barbara Boye Blake: RIP Cpl. Ron. My sincere Condolences to your loved ones.

Gerald A Brown: Rip brother all the best to friends and family.

Blair Paul: Sending prayers to Ron n his family and everyone should take note of his valuable years of service for his country

Trenna Hurst: This is very sad…

Mary Hamlin: So sorry for your loss. I know It’s a terrible disease !!! heart emoticon

Lori Dowling: Rest in Peace. A great loss.

Rose Dauvin: RIP Cpl Francis…

Gerald Prosser: RIP Sir!

Dawn Luzzi: How sad frown emoticon

Raven Lynn Maygard: R.I.P good boy

Gabe Murphy: God Bless the Family .RIP Cpl. Ron Frances

Linda Mitchell Rest in peace Ron. Prayers and blessing to your family. You made a statement that won’t soon be forgotten

Becky Steenbergen: God help this grieving family. I am so VERY sorry. God bless them all

Juanita Curtis: Rest in peace

Evelyn Thibodeau: My prayers go out to his family, they have suffered with him. I feel that his red serge should never have been taken from him as it really affected him, all he had to do was not wear it

Judy Lovett: RIP Corporal Francis !!!

Cindi Borax: RIP Cpl Francis.

Patricia Allison: Our hearts go out to all his family and friends….. So terribly sad…..

Tobi Welin: RIP…This is so beyond sad…condolences to his family and friends…

Bert Jager: Rest in peace officer.

Glen Dah Lynn: Sad…pray he has found peace. Condolences to his family and friends.

Jill Blake: So sad thoughts with the family God Bless R.I.P.

Steve Woolnough: Rest in Peace.

Jill Carleton: So sad…



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