Christmas in Uniform

It’s here again the Christmas season,

Most think that I hate it for no rhyme or reason.

The lights the gifts the glee & song,

Most don’t know how much can go wrong.


Children should have happy dreams,

There should be no more horrible screams.

The smiles of those during this hectic pace

Can never cover the terror we must face.


We put on this uniform with such pride,

But then we face things we can not hide.

The grief in the street,

Is the evil we must challenge and greet.


The shots, the crashes the sudden stoppage of a heart,

Is what truly tears us apart.

I wish I could put these memories away,

And make them never come back on this or any other day.


But now it is Christmas and I should smile,

But in reality I would rather walk alone another mile.

Alone with my thoughts, of the past,

I truly wish they would not last.


All year they rest on a shelf,

But on this day you can’t help but share them with yourself.

So on this day when you complain that I hate it,

Please just remember that sometimes I can not take it.


It is not that I hate this time of year,

But I know what is out there to fear.

When most think of Christmas with hope and with cheer,

I just pray it will be better this year.


To each and all in uniform this year,

I hope and pray you no fear.




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