So the time has come to pass the torch.

As I write this, I can hear the wail of sirens in the distance. To many that’s the sound of distress but to some of us, we know that’s the sound of help.

Since 1976 I’ve been involved in emergency services in one extent or another. I’ve had the privilege to share in the drama of life, and death. I’ve experienced the passing of many and the birth of some, the evil of some and the goodness of many. I’ve held hands and handcuffed hands. I’ve ran to help, ran to catch and ran to survive. I’ve been praised, fought, spit on, stabbed, shot at and blown up. I’ve got scars on my body, heart, soul and mind. I’ve wore uniforms appreciated by most and despised by some. I’ve had meals bought for me and I’m sure, some spit in.

I’ve missed meals, nights, holidays, birthdays and Christmas’s but always had the support of my family. I’ve also had the privilege of having a second family. A family of colleagues. Those that would have my back no matter what. Truly some of the finest people in the country, if not world.

If I could turn back time would I? Would I have changed anything? Hell no! What a ride! I can truly say I’ve had a front row seat to the greatest show on earth.

To my ever patient wife and our kids, thank you for the support, understanding, patience and love. I know at times it wasn’t easy. And to all those that I’ve had the privilege to work along side, thank you for the memories. They will help keep the balance of the good times and the bad times in perspective.

Be safe and continue to do the good fight for everything you believe in.

Maintiens le Droit.



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