It’s never too late to say Thank You


Thank you Daddy

I keep thinking it’s too late, but remind myself that it’s never too late to say thank you.

You don’t know me, but I am the daughter of a police officer, and reading of the loss of any officer really hit home. I know how important your job is, and can barely fathom how stressful it can be.

While my dad, like most officers, is a strong, masculine, proud man, I can see the tragedies he’s witnessed, hidden behind his blue eyes. I can see the stress lines that map his face, and the exhaustion of his mind and body when he arrives home.

My dad has missed birthdays, Christmas’ and other family gatherings because duty called, like it does for many officers. As a kid I remember being disappointed, but never angry. I was always proud of my dad that was protecting the world. My own personal superman, and I just assumed everyone viewed him that way. Nevertheless, as an adult, I now see that this is not the case.

Some people view police as power hungry, doing injustice, never being in the right place, ruining their families, delivering bad news. Officers moves are scrutinized and publicized. They are torn down by the very same people they show up to help. That’s the thing about police officers. It doesn’t matter how many times they are publicly and maliciously attacked–when you call the police, whether you like/respect them or not, they will be there to help you, your family, your friends and your neighbours in their time of need.

Rarely are officers celebrated and thanked for what they do on a daily basis, nor is it acknowledge the extreme toll their job takes on their mind, body, family and more.

So, I just wanted to say, as someone who has grown up with a behind-the-scenes view, Thank-you.

Thank-you for bravely strapping in for a roller-coaster of a day, every day, prepared to assist and protect your community as best as you can.

Thank-you for missing your sons hockey game, your wife’s birthday, or your daughters play to make sure my family can sleep soundly at night.

Thank-you for compassionately helping people through situations they’d otherwise not know how to navigate, such as death, car accidents, break-ins and assaults.

I am sorry for the horrible destruction and tragedy you see and that you are forced to valiantly carrying that burden with you wherever you go.



One thought on “It’s never too late to say Thank You

  1. Whitney,

    I am just lurking around this site and came upon your post. I am a police officer and my wife, who I believe just joined the site, has been dealing with my PTSD for years as have my children.

    I remember missing more than I was present for.

    I don’t cry and really haven’t for many years now. Your post broke me and brought some tears. Thank you for your words and I can only hope my children look back and can feel the same.

    Your father should be and certainly is proud of you.


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