She is the face, the face of depression

Written by the daughters of 2 retired RCMP officers

She is a mom.
She is a wife.
She is a gram.
She is strong.
She is independent.
She is a hero.
She is a friend.
She is our rock.
She is our best friend.
She is a hard worker.
She is dedicated.
She is passionate.

She worked tirelessly for years, at a job that she was passionate about.
She had (maybe) 6 sick days during her 18 year career.
She was the first to help her coworkers in need.
She was treated disrespectfully by an outfit that she dedicated her heart and work to.
She loved working for and with people of all walks of life, but especially endangered women and children.
She is an advocate for women’s and children’s rights.
She is now retired.

She should be enjoying her retirement.
She is suffering from severe depression.
She is fighting off the darkest of dark thoughts.
She is enduring the most excruciatingly painful days of her life.

She has lost hope.
She has lost her spark.
She has lost her way.
She has lost her light.
She wanted to end the pain.
She felt suicide was the only way.

We are not willing to let this brightest light in our life go.
She is far too precious.
She is far too special.
She is far too valuable (in so many ways).

She is the face, the face of depression.
She is our mom.

Depression doesn’t look like what you would expect. It can affect anyone, even the strongest, brightest, most beautiful people in our lives. We need to do more than just say there is stigma around mental illness. We need to do more than say “I am here to help”. And we need to fight for health resources, for those who aren’t able to fight. We NEED to do better. The alternative is not an option.

September 10, 2016 is annual suicide prevention day.


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