After more than a decade of struggling through PTSD I’m saying yes to family and life


Ok friends and family……after 16 years I have decided to take medical retirement from the RCMP.

I realize I should hang my head in shame because I’m clearly not strong enough physically and mentally for the job anymore but screw that, I’m a survivor!!!!!!

After more than a decade of struggling through PTSD and giving birth to 4 children in 4.5 years I’m saying yes to family and life!!!!!!!

I want to pay honour to my career with the RCMP. Things were not perfect in the organization but I believe that things are/will get better.

I have literally seen it all.

I’ve seen my life flash before my eyes,

I’ve made quick calls home on my way to violent gun calls,

I’ve seen the most evil things.

I’ve run toward what everyone else was running away from.

I’ve also seen human kindness and generosity in the most extravagant ways.

I believe I served the Lord as law enforcement for the most vulnerable, broken people and I will continue to do that with the Field of Faith Foundation.

Thank you for everyone who has supported me mainly His worship Les Alm and my momma Linda Bakke-Alm. You guys are bar none the best parents ever!!!

Thank you to my husband Troy Idler who has supported me through this very tumultuous decision making period.

Thank you to my children for patiently waiting for me to choose them over my career. I love you guys!! Dianna Campbell, Mark Robinson, Matthew Robinson Elijah Christian, Olak kristen Robinson, Heidi Idler, Sophie idler and Erica Robinson. I wouldn’t trade a trillion dollars for what these kids have brought to my life and taught me about life and love. I learned from the best how to be a mother ❤️ Linda ❤️ and I am lucky to be able to move on from a demanding career to be there for my children and husband. To continue to heal my own heart and be there to see others healed.

Thanks everyone for your support. The best is literally yet to come!!!!!

I’ve got an awesome job working for one of the most amazing, generous employers Jennifer Lynn in a community that I love!!!

What more could anyone ask for?????? #RCexit

Cst Kim Alm

***update. I’m getting lots of messages from currently serving RCMP members struggling with PTSD. Please message. Support is here. Where others have abandoned you and where you feel alone I will not do that to you! I promise. That was the purpose of this post. Full disclosure! No shame!!!!


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