“I just wanted to message to say thank you. Thank you for this page and letting me get my story out there. Never in a million years did I think I would receive the response I did. It’s so heart warming to see the positive light that comes from sharing something so personal. You have created an amazing page for everyone to help end the stigma of PTSD and reminding others we are all human. Thank you again for posting my words!!!!
Your page has changed lives, thank you so much again”


March 17 2015

Spoken like a true warriors. This group is taking on stigma to put it where it belongs, GONE.

March 9 2015

My partner paid you an amazing compliment today. He says that your Support for Families site is extremely well done and that the links you are sharing will help so many people in need. You are doing an amazing job at helping people. Thank you.

March 7 2015

Thank you for your dedication adminning this page to help others, tip of the cap to you.

March 6 2015

Thank you for all the work you have done. It is awesome!

March 6 2015

Lori thank you for even having this page because of your page I found someone I can talk to about PTSD. Thanks again

March 5 2015

Each day i see post after post of all these wonderful people letting total strangers into their lives, i Just want to say thank you to you all for what you do for our families and even yours, your all very brave and for sure hero’s in my books….

March 2 2015

I am a proud supporter of your Facebook page, it’s a great page and just found out that you guys have AMAZING t-shirts for sale!

March 2 2015

Thank you Lori, for having the courage to support your husband and for starting this site to help the rest of us.

Kind regards, Cynthia

March 1 2015

Thank you so much for this page…..what a phenomenal reminder to everyone of the sacrifices these men and women make everyday, the sacrifices of their families and friends. PTSD knows no boundaries but takes many prisoners. This page has allowed those suffering to break from the chains to free themselves. It has given a face, a voice, to those still suffering in silence. Kudos”

February 25 2015

THANK YOU for what you are doing. .. This is such an epidemic. .. so much work to be done. Most kindly, Always, Fay Maddison

February 22, 2015

I’d like to say thank you for spreading awareness about PTSD and messages of encouragement. I’ve been battling the effects of PTSD and depression for several years now and only began getting help exactly one year ago. I’m very passionate about my job and I only want to be the best I can be. Please keep up the great work.


Feb 20 2015

Thank you for raising your hand Against this Critical Cause. You ARE Valued beyond measure. Tough Times Never Last…But Tough People Do.

Feb 15 2015

Lori, I read your post about Cpl. Francis. I had been paying close attention to him over the last few months. I am sick to my stomach to hear this.

However I have to tell you that your work is VERY IMPORTANT. We have never met and I have told you I am not a member of the RCMP but I am on your site everyday.

My diagnosis has been difficult for me and on September 30 was having suicidal thoughts again. This time I returned to your site and realized I am not alone and that there is help. I contacted my psychologist and had her help me get to the hospital and not leave while waiting. I continue to be in the Health Sciences Center psychiatric ward and getting the help I need.

I can tell you that your page game me the courage to go get help and not be the next number.

From the bottom of my heart you are a life saver and truly a HERO.



October 7 2014


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